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  • Cooking with Corey: Recipes Packed with Humor, Flavor, and Attitude, by Corey Irwin.

  • Vicki Matter: "Great Cookbook!" "This book is a great all around cookbook for any athlete and their families. It is filled with nutrition information that other cookbooks seem to lack, including food timing and different eating programs for different goals. I have tried several recipes and they have all turned out delicious. They even have fantastic desserts. This is definitely one of my standard go to books when I am asked "What's for dinner tonight?"
  • Tschoop: "Simplicity at its finest" The Athlete's Cookbook is set to give you a background as to who the Authors are and what their experiences are. They have definitely been there done that. They incorporate action and plans that are useful long term, not just for a one shot deal. There is a Q&A section for the most common questions. The book goes over the simplicity of the "Top 10 Foods" for athletes and why. There are goals of meal plans along with meal timing schedules that break everything down into a simple chart. The meal plans give you a step by step example of what to do and how to eat (along with recipes). What can be better than that. I love the variety of the recipes and how I can get my kids involved in what I am eating. They look forward to seeing what new dish or recipe we are going to be trying. I also like the Chef's Notes that are included throughout with the recipes. I would definitely recommend this book. So glad that I have it. I look forward to seeing where the journey that that The Athlete's Cookbook and I are going to take."
  • Wayne Lingle: "A really great training book!" "I love this book from the first page. I like that it started off with a little background on the authors. I like that it mentions that it isn't just for the full time athlete but also the 9-5 work athlete. The common man can benefit from this book. The recipes aren't just the normal American type food. It has food types from all over the world. I made the Tequila Lime Fajitas, I went with the safe bet from the start and was really glad that I did. It was the best tasting Fajitas that I have ever made. It has breakfast, lunch, dinner, entrees, desserts, and appetizers. ...The book has food plans for 3 types of plans, fat loss, endurance, and strength. ...This book helps with telling you why you should eat the way of an athlete. When is the right time to eat foods and what portions you should eat. It is a very helpful book and I am very glad I own it. I would recommend this book to anyone that is serious about losing weight and/or gaining muscle and endurance."
  • Kristen Lefkus, of SCBD: #SCBDReview: The Athlete's Cookbook: "I had the pleasure of reviewing the The Athlete’s Cookbook by Corey Irwin and Brett Stewart. Corey Irwin is a healthy gourmet chef promoting balanced nutrition and body fitness. She has teamed up with Brett Stewart, an athlete and personal trainer. Together, they have created great recipes that taste great and help to make the most of your workouts. ...One thing I love about this cookbook is that every recipe has an explanation as to why it is helpful as a pre or post workout dish. Select ingredients in recipes are explained as to how it will assist you in your fitness goals. I found this really interesting because rather than being a cookbook that says it will work, you get to learn why. ...These recipes were delicious and filling after a hard workout or even a long day at work. ...I really did feel a difference in these meals from what I would usually eat for dinner. At night I would not feel too stuffed and find myself eating more after dinner. The next day I always felt re-energized and ready for the day. I definitely recommend this cookbook whether you are an athlete, a gym rat, or just looking for some new recipe ideas!" More...
  • Susan, of Fit Bottomed Eats: Eating My Words: The Athlete's Cookbook: "That’s what I have in The Athlete's Cookbook — 160 pages of delicious recipes from masterchef Corey Irwin and notes on how certain ingredients benefit athletic performance and recovery. Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, or just plain everythingtarian, you'll find something to fit your tastes. Let me tell you, friends — I’m obsessed with this one... For starters, the ingredients are simple and flavorful. In contrast to Brendan Brazier’s Thrive cookbooks, which are great but sometimes use hard-to-find ingredients, I could purchase all of my Athlete’s Cookbook ingredients at my neighborhood grocery store. Heck, I found most of the ingredients in my CSA basket, as was the case for the Baked Egg in Avocado with Pico de Gallo (p. 44): Baked Eggs Breakfast is served — and delicious! Or the vegan Kale-Potato-Leek Soup (p.50), which, thanks to fresh herbs, had an amazingly light and fresh flavor — perfect for springtime! I also appreciate the athlete’s notes given with each recipe. ...Though I made only vegetarian and vegan recipes from this book, the flavors impressed my omnivore friends and family. I've cooked about 15 recipes from this book so far, and all of have been fantastic. The biggest hit to date? The Beet, Orange, and Fennel Salad (p. 54). ...I’m ending my review on a positive note: Buy this cookbook. I hope you love it as much as I do." More...

  • Renny B.A. (@RennyBA): "If you like food and cooking, this is a must read!"
  • De(au)Gustibus"Delicious. I loved this recipe. It is not the traditional arrabbiata which is just with tomatoes and chillies, but it is an excellent and richer version. The red wine is essential and it makes the difference, so definitely use it in the sauce! ... I think this version is one of the best I have tried!"
  • Tracey: "This blog is just fantastic! And this is by far my favourite post! Mmmmmm! Tasty! ...Great food, great ideas, beautifully presented and a real treat to read! Thank you so much for the inspiration. I'm now off to try out some of those recipes!"
  • Da Vinci"Can't go wrong with food, from one foodie to another. Your blogs are witty and full of passion."
  • Olin F."I've enjoyed all of your blogs. This one, like all the others, is written with insight, fun, and creativity. You are a talented and spirited writer. I'd never considered the advantages of cephalopod-based bloggers before reading your blog. ;) Now if I could just teach my octopuses to take dictation...."
  • J. Selengut: "Hi Corey! I saw this recipe Friday afternoon just as I was contemplating the evening's dinner with friends. Hey, I just happened to have a few ripened avocados sitting at home. Home run appetizer! You seem to have nailed the composition of the sauce..., very close to how I've had it at several Japanese restaurants. I freshly toasted the sesame seeds, mmmmm."
  • Lauren (@liloruns): 
    •  I haven't made one of your recipes that wasn't tasty so I'll def go with that! I have to try this!! 8 Oct
    •  np! I can't wait to try this soup this weekend!! :) 17 Oct
  • Linda (@Linda_Lemons) This sounds so good, I must try it! RT  Recipe #288: Avocado-Edamame Dip: Oct 8
  • Dee (@deeFSU):  "Dinner tonight was veggie tacos and...drum roll...your recipe for grapefruit salsa! Best dinner of the week!" 1 Dec
  • Holly Bossert:
    • "I went with 'Cooking with Corey.' It's (Recipe #187: Eggplant & Multi-Colored Bell Pepper Tian with Fresh Basil & Sun-dried Tomatoes) is currently cooking in the oven."
    • "It's really, really good! ...It's yummy, Jerri! ...I made the eggplant again tonight. Eddie had three helpings. He missed it the first time around. I love it!"
  • Jerri Brouse: 
    • "That looks scrumptious! ...OK, I have to try this recipe. It looks and sounds yummy. And I love eggplant."
    • "Made the eggplant tonight. YUM!"
  • Gregg Shanefelt"[Here's a picture of] quinoa mushroom risotto loosely adapted from Corey's awesome recipes."
  • Joe White: "Wow, that (recipe) was awesome! ...Great taste!"
  • Teri Smith (@RunningRelays) from DailyMile"Hey guys - if you haven't checked out her recipes, you should. She makes some awesome food."
  • Lola Neopolitan"Yum! Love this blog!"
  • Maddy Hubbard (@maddyhubba) of Eat Run Eat
    • "@Cyberpenguin has shared another fantastic recipe. It looks amazing! If you haven't taken a look at her cooking blog then you're missing out!"
    • "Feta Burgers? Yum!"
  • Hannah H.: "We used one of your recipes for grilled vegetable sandwiches. It was AMAZING! I can't wait to move into my apartment & take over the kitchen with all of the masterpieces you've been making!!"
  • Jennifer Z. (@JenZenator):
    • "...My stomach thanks you!"
    • "Made the wild mushroom agnolotti recipe tonight. Mr Z. went back for thirds!"
    • "Your feta burgers look delish."
    • "The Tilapia Veracruzana was excellent. Great flavors & they didn't overpower the fish. The flavors reminded me a bit of puttanesca (my FAVE!)."
    • "Hey Corey!! I really, really liked both (the Tilapia Veracruzana & the Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese) recipes a lot! You did a great job reducing the fat in the Mac & Cheese without losing any of the flavor."
  • Kate Nesi (@knesi): "Your recipes are great!"
  • K.O. (@programmed2run): "I'd rather be eating @Cyberpenguin's mouth-watering recipe, Potato & Butternut Squash Au Gratin."
  • Tiffany (@newfbrand): "A really interesting collection of recipes and foodie goodies. A cool Indian twist on the recipes which I haven't seen too often. And totally professional!"
  • Camelia of PetitChef"We bumped into your blog and we really liked it - great recipes. YUM YUM...."
  • Eggmag"Hard to resist this food blog! I also want to be a GFWA!"
  • Donna D. (@donna_de): "I tried to explain to my husband a burger is the perfect blend of carb protein & fat. He was too busy eating it way too fast!" 
  • Mary of the ever-popular cooking blog, One Perfect Bite"Corey, this is a wonderful recipe. Your photo of the dish is beautiful and it's been my experience that food that looks this good is also wonderful to eat. This is my first visit to your blog so I spent some time bringing myself up to speed with your earlier posts. I really like your recipes and will be back often to see what else you've been cooking and discussing...."
  • Marilyn (@badthing):
    • "Hi Corey. :) I think all of your blogs are wonderful and I can see all of the TLC you've put into them... and yes, those two little dolls on the front page are adorable.... 
    • I'm a guac freak so of course I'll have to make this. I'll make the less heated version but can't wait to get my chips into this dip. :)"
  • YumYucky (@YumYucky) of Yum Yucky: Find the Balance Between Fitness & Your Greedy Side"..."I would totally chomp down on that. It looks really good!" 
  • Neal T. (@nturnage): "Can't wait to try this recipe by my good friend, Corey. Looks delicious!"
  • Abby I.: "LOVE this blog. Keep coming back for more stories and good recipes....Excellently written blog. Entertaining, quick, fabulous recipes!! I'm an avid reader."
  • Theresa Hall"I really enjoyed going through your web logs and taking your surveys. If those are your daughters, they are very beautiful.... Your site is fun and attractive, and your recipes look delicious. Cheers!"
  • Linzi: "I love the recipes. The "Everything But the Kitchen Sink" Muffins look delicious!"
  • Robbay"Nice blog ...with a great slant on food."
  • Leo"I want to have something new for tomorrow. I think I have to try this. It really looks delicious!"
  • GoHolidayLets"Great, my mouth started watering while reading your article. Thanks for sharing such a recipe with us. I will try it out. Hope to hear more from you in future."
  • Paulo Elias (@pauloelias): "Yum! Want me some of those feta burgers!" 
  • Anne S.: "Congrats on the blog mention, Corey. The recipe sounds delicious!" 
  • Danielle of Cooking for My Peace of Mind"What a beautiful pie and a great picture."
  • Tina (@aSilhouette) of The Healthy Herbivorous Life"(This recipe) sounds heavenly! Mmm, will have to try making one day."
  • Rebecca S.: "Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing this."
  • Davon Jacobson, MD"The mushrooms are by far my favorite in this dish. Thanks a lot for the recipe. Keep up the great work with your articles and please stop by my health blog sometime."
  • Anthony: "Great piece of gourmet delight."
  • Marilyn Rhodes Taber (@sonomahorse): "Love the birthday photo! Great writing and content!"
  • Jih Wang"Hi Corey! Are you really going to publish your own cookbook??? That would so ROCK!!!"
  • Ken"Fabulous! Go pro!"
  • Jibran Ahmed Khan:"You have such a great website. I found it very useful. I really enjoyed all topics and articles. So keep it up & keep writing good articles...." 

  • CookEatShare Chef Rank: #44/116589 (0.038% top percentile), (as of 7/7/12).
  • CookEatShare Featured Author, (as of 4/12/10).
  • Foodbuzz Featured Publisher, (as of 9/20/10).
  • Top Health Blogger, Wellsphere, (as of 7/22/08)
  • CookEatShare Featured Chef, Fall 2009.
  • Best Food Blog Nomination, Blogger's Choice Awards, May 2008.
  • #1042, Million Blogs List.

  • Healthy Eating: Some Tips for Staying on Track & Strengthening Your Resolve, Motivation & Inspiration: Beyond the Ironman Journey.
  • Quick & Easy Meal Planning & Prep for Athletes, Part 1, Motivation & Inspiration: Beyond the Ironman Journey.
  • Quick & Easy Meal Planning & Prep for Athletes, Part 2, Motivation & Inspiration: Beyond the Ironman Journey.
  • Quick & Easy Meal Planning & Prep for Athletes, Part 3, Motivation & Inspiration: Beyond the Ironman Journey.

  • TBA.


  • Front-page, featured syndicated blog post, FoodCandy, 2/18/10.
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