Thursday, July 17, 2008

2 Faster Page Loading, I Promise!

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I've recently noticed that it was taking forever for this blog to display properly, so I've fixed some of the glitches. You should notice that the page now loads a heck of a lot faster. Ta da! Enjoy.....

6 Get Great Advice (on Nutrition, Life, etc.) at "See Corey Run" !

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Hi All,

I'm baaaaaack. Yes, it's been far too long since my last blogging session here. If you keep in mind the fact that I've got 5 blogs & a full life in the real world, it seems quite insane & unreasonable to expect that anyone could have the kind of time to blog every day (or even every week!) for every single one of their blogs, respond to every email & comment, & still have a life (!) -- that is, unless you make a living from blogging. ;-) Of course, it'd be great if someone could pay me to write, & I could still make a decent living from it. That'd certainly be my dream job. However, until that time, I'm just like every other regular working Joe or Jane, making ends meet, & making a point of living life to the fullest. And sometimes that means putting blogging in its rightful place, as an extracurricular activity that I do when I can. I know as soon as I start feeling pressured to blog, that I probably shouldn't be doing it anymore.

So, I'm just going to blog when I like (like I've always done in the past!). And anyone who doesn't like it or can't handle it, well.... Do I have to complete that sentence?! I think you know where that sentiment's going. ;-) [I'm generally a very nice & polite person, but all the same I don't have any patience for strong-arm tactics, or people trying to passive-aggressively manipulate others with their displeasure. That $*%&@ is just whack. ;-) N'est-ce pas?! ;-) ]

To be honest, these days one of the central focal points of my life is running & nutrition, so if you want to keep up with my latest adventures & thoughts, the best place to do it these days is at my running blog. I update this blog quite regularly, after every run, strength-training workout, & road race. I also write regular reviews of sports apparel & other products, as well as articles on sports nutrition & exercise psychology. The blog addresses goal-setting, goal-setting & training metrics, & other "concrete" concepts, but also deals with the mental & philosophical aspects of running, eating, & the psychological aspects of sports & getting into shape. I also talk about motivation & strategies for success, tips for leading a healthy lifestyle, & how to maintain a healthy perspective with regard to one's body image. It's really a smorgasboard of topics. ;-)

My approach is to address the totality of sports and healthy living as part of a larger whole. It's really discussing sports as not just "something you do for an hour or two here & there," (i.e., which is a rather finite & limited view), but rather viewing running & sports through the larger lens of life. So, in a word, the blog isn't just about running! Even if you aren't an exerciser or a runner, you might still enjoy reading this blog. In fact, several of the people who regularly read my blog have confessed to me that they don't currently exercise, but enjoy reading my blog because they find that it helps motivate them in positive ways. Other people have told me that they like reading it because it's often good for a laugh or two. Whatever the reasons, I'm happy to hear that people are enjoying the blog. ;-)

So if you would like tips on how to live healthier & feel good (about your body, your life & accomplishments, etc.), or are looking for motivation to get back into shape or achieve your goals, you'll definitely want to check out my running blog!

Have a great afternoon!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

0 The Attention Span of A Flea -- No, Not ME! ;-)

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In this ADD-like culture we are living in, it amazes me that people have the patience to sit for more than a half-hour listening or watching or reading anything. :)

So, on that note, I ask that you disregard the length of some of the posts on this blog, & instead pay attention to their content. :)

All I'm saying is that if you do see a post longer than 3 paragraphs (LOL!), please try to remain calm. ;-) Long posts aren't necessarily indicative of prosaic prose. :) I don't relish reading dull, dry minutiae, & so, will do my best to not subject the readers of this blog to the same treatment. :)

I realize that some of my posts are probably better suited for a book format, which is actually a good thing, because I'm writing a cookbook. :)

Yeah, I know, very funny. ;-)

Of course, not all of the blog posts are long. And if you're printing out the recipes, you'll notice that some can actually fit onto a single sheet of paper. LOL.

I realize that different people are looking to get different things out of this blog: Some are here for the recipes, some like reading the foodie commentary & kitchen/nutrition tips, & some may've ended up here by pure chance. :)

And that's OK. Simply put, what we get out of an experience is what we put into it.

(See, this post provides clear evidence that I can also write short posts too. :) )

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