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Hello and Welcome Fellow Healthy Gourmet Enthusiasts!

I'm Corey Irwin, chefauthorrecipe developer, running/wellness coach, endurance athlete, and photographer. I absolutely love to cook, bake, and create original healthy gourmet recipes!

I first learned how to cook from my mother and grandmothers -- all wonderful cooks and bakers in their own right. (I don't recall the exact start date, only that I was very young -- probably no more than 5 or 6.) Truth be told, I've never taken a single cooking class before in my life, unless you count watching a few televised cooking shows on occasion or a few cooking demonstrations at a health spa resort. ;)

This blog showcases my latest culinary adventures. You'll find mouthwatering recipes and no-nonsense reviews of the latest gourmet products, cooking gadgets, and restaurants. Also, there's lots of information about international cuisines, nutrition, and new cooking techniques.

Although I'm an advanced-level chef, many of the recipes I post here are simple, easy-to-prepare recipes for people who, like myself, are very busy and don't have a lot of time to cook. Of course, when the weekend rolls around, there's often more time to experiment with more complex and time-consuming recipes, so you'll also find a few of those recipes here as well.

Please be aware that all of the recipes you'll find on this blog are original creations. While most of the recipes shown here are my own personal creations, this blog also showcases a handful of original recipe contributions from family and friends. So, please be respectful of the original material printed here and do not reproduce or plagiarize any of the content from this site in any other form or media. If you wish to link to the content on this site, you are welcome to do so, but only if you credit me as the original author of this content and provide a link to the originating website. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

And speaking of creative ventures, I'm currently in the midst of writing several cookbooks and fitness and nutritional lifestyle books, all of which feature my original recipes. As these books become available for sale, they will appear under the "Books" tab of this site and of course I will post about it here and elsewhere in social media too. Please note that I'm currently in the "recipe-creation" phase of this process for several of these books, so it's going to take a while to gather and test enough original recipes to assemble for publication. :)

In order for recipes to be posted here, they must first undergo a rigorous taste-testing process and must also get the seal of approval from family, friends, and colleagues. Every recipe is first made in my test kitchen, sampled by me, and then, (if it's good enough to pass muster), taste-tested by others.

I hope you will enjoy making and eating these recipes. They have been carefully created with lots of love, effort, and attention to detail.

If you make any of the recipes, please let me know how they turn out for you by leaving your comments and questions in the comments section of the particular recipe you've made. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I absolutely love hearing from readers!

Wishing You Health & Happiness,
Corey Irwin,
"G.F.W.A." ("Gourmet Foodie With Attitude")

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My sister and I at her 5th B-day party. The cake was our mother's original creation. So now you know where our love of cooking and penchant for making up original recipes comes from!

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