Sunday, September 8, 2013

0 "Pumpkin Pie" Smoothie

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Since fall is almost upon us, I thought it'd be nice to create an autumn-themed smoothie to usher in the season. This recipe will be appearing in my next book/cookbook, Cooking with Corey. After this book has been completed, there will hopefully be more time to write recipe exposition here that's more than a mere paragraph or two. :-D

“Pumpkin Pie” Smoothie

Smoothie Ingredients:
1/2 c. canned purėed pumpkin
1/2 tsp. pumpkin spice (see below for ingredients)
1 c. soy (or coconut) milk
1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
2 Tbsp. honey, or to taste
2 c. ice cubes

Pumpkin Spice Mix Ingredients: (Yield 2 tsp.)
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp. ground ginger
1/8 tsp. ground allspice
1/8 tsp. ground cloves

Directions: Place pumpkin into a small bowl, cover, and microwave on high for 45 seconds, then allow it to fully cool. (Cooking the pumpkin will mellow the flavor and also take away its canned taste.) Mix all pumpkin spice mix ingredients together in a bowl. Store any leftovers in an airtight container (in a dark, cool place). Add all ingredients to a blender and pulse until smooth. Easy as (pumpkin) pie. :)

Yield: 2 (1 1/4 c.) servings.

Chef's Notes: Paleo modification: To make this recipe (strict) Paleo, simply omit the vanilla extract, honey, and substitute almond or coconut milk for the soy milk. If you're not strict Paleo, you might want to leave in all or some of the honey, because otherwise, it's not going to taste as much like "pumpkin pie." ;) It's a fairly small amount of honey per serving, but of course, how you choose to make the recipe is up to you. Just don't blame me if it doesn't taste the same as the original recipe. ;)

Tip: Leftover pumpkin spice mixture can be sprinkled onto hot cereal, applesauce, baked apples, or added to hot cocoa or tea.

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