Friday, February 1, 2013

0 Recipe #343: Paleo Virgin Mary

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The Virgin Mary is the non-alcoholic version of the Bloody Mary. This drink is a cool and refreshing accompaniment to dishes like barbecued chicken cooked on an outdoor grill.

Made this drink today, right after completing the photo shoot for the sweet potatoes recipe. Of course, as one might surmise from the title, it's for our upcoming book, Paleo Fitness. :)

The below version is a non-Paleo format but contains a simple modification to make it Paleo, i.e., the omission of salt. True to form, this Virgin Mary's definitely got a kick to it. So buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride. :)

Paleo Virgin Mary

4 c. vine-ripened tomatoes, diced (about 5 large tomatoes)
1 c. celery, roughly chopped
1 c. carrots, peeled and roughly chopped
1/4 c. scallions, roughly chopped
2 tsp. pure white horseradish, ground (or to taste; for slightly less heat, use 1 1/2 tsp. instead)
1/2 c. freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice (about 3-4 limes or lemons)
1/4 tsp. ground cayenne pepper, or to taste
1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
1/2 tsp. coarse ground sea salt (omit if Paleo)
1 c. ice cubes

Optional Garnish Ideas:
4 large leafy celery stalks, cut in half
lime or lemon slices
carrot &/or cucumber sticks (use as swizzle sticks)
fresh basil leaves
red bell pepper slices
garlic, minced or crushed (mixed into the drinks)

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a blender and pulse until smooth. Pour into a large pitcher and chill. Adjust seasonings to your liking. Serve over ice cubes, decorating each glass with the garnish of your choice.

Yield: 40 oz., or 5 (1 c.) servings.

Chef's Notes: To avoid watering down your drinks, reserve some of the Paleo Virgin Mary beverage, freeze into ice cubes, and use instead of traditional ice cubes.

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