Thursday, December 20, 2012

0 What's to Come: Books, Books, and More Books!

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To celebrate the fact that our 7 Weeks to 10 Pounds of Muscle manuscript is now finally heading off to the printers, I'm going to post a protein recovery shake especially geared towards those of you who want to build some serious lean muscle mass. That recipe's up next.

As for the other book projects, The Vegan Athlete is now in print, and so now that both of these two books have been completed,  there are only two more books (that is, books with upcoming deadlines), left to write. :) Currently I'm in the process of testing the recipes I've written for Paleo Fitness while simultaneously creating new recipes for The Athlete's Cookbook as well. It's nice to finally have only two books to write &/or edit at once. Lol. Then, after these projects, my tentatively titled healthy gourmet cookbook, Cooking with Corey: Healthy Gourmet Recipes Packed with Flavor, Humor, & Attitude, is (finally!) up next. So those of you who've asked me 5 zillion times when the heck this book is coming out will probably be very happy about that. :) I really didn't mean to string you along for so long, but other book projects with actual deadlines cropped up along the way. :)

And then after that, I have at least three more cookbook titles in mind -- a cookbook + sports nutrition guide geared towards (athletic) performance-based cooking and eating for runners/endurance athletes, which is tentatively titled Cooking with Coach Corey: High-Performance Recipes for Runners, an as yet untitled healthy cookbook for college students on a budget (one part cooking primer, two parts resourcefulness, and three parts recipe repository), and then if there's enough interest, perhaps also a mixology cookbook, which would include cocktails and mocktails that actually contain some healthy ingredients in them (i.e., Blue Fog Cocktail and the like), so you can feel better about drinking them afterwards. Lol. I couldn't see putting those drinks in any of the other, above-mentioned books (for obvious reasons), so they'll need to go into a separate book of their own. I've slowly been amazing a collection of these original cocktail recipes and have been stashing them away for this very purpose. These aren't your usual cocktails; they are unique drinks I've created that you won't find anywhere else.

Then after that, I might take a break from writing cookbooks, because I know I have at least one sci-fi fantasy novel in me. Sure, that might seem like a huge departure to some, but really, when it comes right down to it, creative writing is creative writing. And who knows, maybe I'll toss in a three-eyed Martian chef into the book. ;) It's not like I haven't ever done what most of you would probably think of as "traditional creative writing" before. Bet most of you didn't know that I wrote screenplays for my university's filmmaking club and and am also a published poet. :-D

OK, as promised, the recovery shake recipe's up next.

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