Wednesday, December 12, 2012

0 Reminder: Only 3 More Days to Enter the Giveaway Contest!

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Just a reminder that you have 3 more days to submit your entries for the Cooking with Corey giveaway contest. :) And, you get not one, but two, chances to win the grand prize!

I saw that several people had liked the previous giveaway post via Facebook, and thank you for liking that post, but please know that those "likes" aren't counted as actual entries, since there's no way for me to track people's names as contestants that way. Just so people understand how to enter, I'll explain once more how the contest works:

HOW TO ENTER: To enter, simply retweet this post on Twitter and/or "like" the Cooking with Corey Facebook page. In order for your entries to count, you must "like" the actual Facebook PAGE and NOT related blog POSTS or Facebook POSTS. Liking this post (or any other related posts about the contest on Cooking with Corey Facebook page's wall or elsewhere) doesn't count as an entry, although by all means, you're welcome to "like" these posts. :)

Also, please note that I am keeping track of contestants' names for giveaway contest purposes only, so if you "like" the page and then "unlike" it, that entry won't count either. ;) That's the Facebook equivalent of entering and then un-entering the contest. Lol.

All entries must be received before midnight on Saturday, December 15. A maximum of two (2) entries are allowed per person. So, in other words, the entries can either be one (1) Facebook page like and one (1) retweet OR two (2) retweets total.

PRIZE DETAILS: And the prize? One lucky winner will get a bountiful gift basket that includes the following:

--A Cooking with Corey "sweets sampler" of homemade, all-original, healthy gourmet treats, packaged in a lovely gift box that includes some special desserts and snacks, including several top secret selections that will ONLY appear in upcoming cookbooks. That's right, you'll be able to you'll be able to sample these rare treats firsthand, before anyone else, and all without having to lift a finger to cook or bake. :) Gift basket samples will include tantalizing selections like White Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies and Gourmet Almond Bon-Bons (both of which will ONLY appear in my upcoming cookbook), as well as Almond Cherry Sesame Crunch Bars, and other special goodies.

 --An assortment of gourmet herbs and spices AND high-quality kitchen tools from Corey's Amazon store (worth $50).

 --A gift certificate for two (2) FREE weeks of online sports nutrition AND fitness consultations (worth $90) with coach Corey Irwin, courtesy of her running and wellness company, Rock It! Running Company, which includes an initial, in-depth, 1-hour consultation to determine your current fitness level, nutritional intake and eating behaviors, fitness and sports nutrition goals, and address any other related issues. You'll also receive a detailed training plan (that includes flexibility and strength training exercises) and a customized meal plan to suit your training and sports nutrition needs. You can either use the gift certificate for yourself or gift it to a friend or family member. It's your choice! [Gift certificates are also available to purchase as holiday gifts for friends and family members for longer periods of time. It's a great way to give the gift of health and fitness to your loved ones! Unlike some other types of gifts, health and fitness never go out of style. :) Please contact the company via Rock It! Running Company's website contact form or Facebook page (via the message button) for further details.] 

HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: One lucky winner will be announced in a blog post on Sunday, December 16th. The winner will literally be picked out of a hat by random, blind selection. :)

To claim your prize, please use the contact form on this blog and include your email and postal address in the body of your message. Please note: All information contained in your message will be kept confidential (it won't be shared with anyone!) and will only be used to contact you and send you your prize.

 Happy Holidays and good luck to all of you!


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