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2 Recipe #308: Blue Fog Cocktail

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Yes, even athletes like to enjoy an occasional cocktail now and then. :) Of course, this one is a "penguin original." :) As you can see from the below recipe, this drink has a lot of tropical flavors. It's in the same vein as a mai tai but the net effect of this particular drink's flavors are completely different.

What makes this "blue fog" cocktail foggy is the addition of coconut milk, which provides athletes and other active individuals with an excellent source of easily burnable but yet sustainable energy. Yes, I just had to squeak something healthy in there. ;) This cocktail also contains some freshly squeezed lime juice, fresh lychees, and fresh lychee juice, all of which are good for you. So that way, you can make yourself feel better about drinking it. Lol. And anyhow, it's all about moderation anyhow, right?!

Lychees just so happen to contain a great deal of vitamin C and beta carotene, and are also rich in fiber. In fact, they have 40% more vitamin C than an orange, and more beta carotene than a carrot! (Beta carotene is an antioxidant and its consumption is believed to lower the risk of cancer.) Lychees contain unsaturated fatty acids that aid in the absorption of phytochemicals like beta cartoene and other fat-soluble vitamins. They are also good for your digestive system, and help prevent blood clots and heart attacks. So, do you need any more convincing that lychees are good for you? :) So, down the hatch, people! :-D

Of course, most people aren't usually thinking about a cocktail's health benefits when they're drinking it, but then again, they haven't run into the likes of me. ;)

And lastly, here's a heads up for those of you who like powerfully strong cocktails: If you're expecting this cocktail to taste like high-octane alcohol, then you are going to be sorely disappointed. ;) I don't like exceptionally strong cocktails, so if you want to pump up the alcohol quotient, then you'll probably need to adjust the recipe somewhat. Personally speaking, I actually like to taste the flavors of a drink, versus being hit over the head with the alcohol contained therein. If all I can taste is alcohol, then I won't be very interested. ;) To me, tasting the flavors of a cocktail is part of the enjoyment of drinking it. I also like the idea of being able to stand upright, without assistance, by the end of the night. :) And on that note, please drink responsibly. This public service message has been brought to you by the penguin campaign for health and safety. :) We penguins tend to waddle a bit anyhow, but it's usually not because we are inebriated. Hahaha.

Blue Fog Cocktail

Drink Ingredients:
7 oz. coconut milk
6 oz. fresh lychee juice (reserved from peeled and pitted fresh lychees)
1 oz. lime juice
2 oz. blue curaçao
1 oz. rum
2 oz. triple sec
2 oz. crème de cassis
1/2 c. crushed ice (or ice cubes)

3 lychees, peeled and pitted (1 lychee per drink)
3 orange peel curls (1 curl per drink)

Directions: Place all drink ingredients into a martini shaker, close tightly, and shake vigorously. Pour into martini glasses, garnishing each drink with a lychee and an orange peel curl. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Yield: Makes 3 cocktails (when served in a martini glass).

Chef's Notes: I like to use a double jigger and a shot glass to make this drink. For the uninitiated, a standard-sized double jigger has a small, 1 fl. oz. jigger on one side and a larger, 1.5 fl. oz on the other. A standard size shot glass is typically 2 oz.

Don't know how to make an orange peel curl? No worries, click here to watch an instructional video showing you exactly how to do this.


GREAT foodbook said...

The Blue Fog Cocktail sounds delicious, just a pity one can't sit outside to enjoy it.

Cyberpenguin said...

Thank you! It's made with ice, so on a hot day, like the ones we've been having, you could probably sit in the shade and refresh yourself with this ice cold cocktail. :) I made this for a recent dinner party and the guests really liked it, so hope you will too!

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