Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 Staying Organized in the Kitchen: A Practical Solution for Managing Grocery Shopping Lists

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Just thought of a cool organizational idea for the kitchen and wanted to share. :)

I don't know about you, but even with smartphones, iTouches, iPads, and the like, when it's comes to making grocery lists, sometimes it's easy enough to forget to bring those gadgets into the kitchen after discovering that we're out of something and it's time to restock. After all, most of us keep them in our purses or briefcases and such, so it's not always a very natural thing to have them on us when we're in the kitchen and just happen to notice we're out of something. :)

Also, while many people have these gadgets, there are also still a lot of folks who don't have them yet. So, here's a quick and handy idea to help you keep track of household &/or kitchen items you need to buy at the store:

A lot of us have piles of small message/note pads that we just never use. In the modern age, that's what an answering machine is for. LOL. Nonetheless, these pile-ups are typically remnants from the Stone Age, i.e., the era before the Electronic Age. ;) Also, companies still seem to give them out for promotional reasons, but frankly, I think a magnet or a pen, or something else that is actually used or seen regularly, is probably a better use of their money. :)

Most of us also have a zillion extra refrigerator magnets that we rarely use as well. OK, maybe you can see where I'm going with this. :)

Instead of throwing out these materials (or recycling the note pads), glue the unused magnets onto the back of the message pads. This way, you'll actually use these things. :) The larger magnets can of course be cut up into smaller units. Or, if you'd rather just buy magnetic tape (just make sure it's thick enough for substantial magnetic strength) or adhesive magnet sheets, that'd also work too. Of course, it works best when the note pads are backed with cardboard. ;)

When you've got a note pad stuck to your fridge, chances are that you'll more readily remember that you need to record needed items and then remember to take that list to the store. :) Especially as we age, putting items in a visible, high-traffic area really does help. ;) And of course, it's really easy to just rip off the top sheet and take it with you. Or, if you've got a mobile gadget, you can just as easily transfer the list to it, or better yet, just take a photo of the list. :) After all, most gadgets these days come equipped with cameras.

In general, I find that when it comes to organizing, the most effective results are finding systems that are easy to maintain and also ordering items in a logical way. Keep the things you most commonly use within reach. Depending on the item, it can also help to keep the more crucial items visible and place them where you'll use them most. As the expression goes in science and architecture, form follows function, or at least it's most effective when it does. ;)


Yum Yucky said...

I've been meaning to get something stuck to my fridge for the kids to write down their grocery requests and other non-urgent things they need me to do for them. I should get that going this weekend. Thanks for the reminder! I love me some organization. always on a quest.

Cyberpenguin said...

You're very welcome! Glad to help you out. :)

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