Tuesday, October 4, 2011

0 "Cooking with Corey" Needs Taste Tasters - Will You Answer the Call? :)

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Hello Foodie Friends,

I'm looking for taste-testers to try some of the original recipes listed on this blog, so if you decide to make any of them (or are solely a taster :) ), please let me know what you think by communicating with me via Twitter, either one of my food-related Facebook pages, or by leaving your feedback in the comments section of this blog, preferably underneath the corresponding recipe post that you've just tried (or have tried on earlier occasions).

And of course, if you'd like to give quick, positive feedback, you can always "like" or "share" these recipe posts via the Facebook buttons on each blog post, or in the upper right corner of this blog. :) Also, people who've liked the corresponding Facebook pages will automatically be connected to the content from this blog, and so, can also "like" or leave comments either directly on those pages or as they see "Cooking with Corey" updates appear in their news stream. There are also reaction check boxes down at the bottom of each blog post (see directly below), in which you can specify the applicable response.

And lastly, by virtue of simply following this blog (via the Google Friend Connect widget or Feedburner's RSS feeds for content and comments), you are providing your own positive input by supporting the aims and creative efforts of this blog and its creator. And so I thank you for that positive energy as well!

On a related note, if you'd to be featured in the testimonials section of this blog, please let me know via the above-listed contact methods and I'll consider featuring your comments there as well. One of the benefits of being listed in the testimonials section is that, as a reward for providing feedback, you'll get a little cross-promotion. :) Not only will your comments and your name be showcased in this special section, but if you like, your name can be linked to your blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, or other website. Just think of it as a little free advertising to promote your projects or business in exchange for taking a few milliseconds to write a quick blurb about a recipe you've tried &/or provide some general feedback about the blog. After all, I think it only fair to reward those who put forth the effort to write a testimonial. :)

For those of you with privacy concerns, please be aware that when I add people's entries there, I will most certainly respect people's wishes as to how they'd like their names to be displayed. In other words, if you'd rather your full name not appear next to your comments, you can simply be listed by your first name &/or the first initial of your last name, or by a username like your Twitter nickname, etc.

So, if you'd like your comments to receive "top billing" on this blog, please be sure to include in your correspondence both your testimonial content (or if you've already commented, the direct referring link to the post containing your comments) and the URL you'd like to use.

(Please note that I reserve the right to decline testimonial requests &/or specific content therein, including, but not limited to, links, for any reason, particularly if they contain spammy, inappropriate, or unsuitable content for this blog.)

Thanks so much in advance for your feedback and participation! Your input is really essential in order to create the best cookbook possible. Thanks!


P.S. As I've mentioned before, the cookbook will be a combination of recipes from the blog AND completely new recipes that will only be available/published in the cookbook. I keep adding new recipes, so the cookbook's content will continue to expand until I'm fully satisfied with the end result, as one objective of mine during the cookbook writing process is to provide both breadth and depth. :) I originally was going to publish 250 recipes, but now I'm thinking of including even more.

Not only will the cookbook be jam-packed with original, healthy gourmet recipes, but it will also contain lots of useful information to help you plan balanced meals and ensure that you're getting the most out of your meals and food. And for endurance athletes, there will also be a practical guide demonstrating how to best make use of the cookbook's recipes in their training, in order to harness the full potential of food as a form of high-performance fuel. After all, to athletes, food is actually a tool, in addition to the many nutrients and enjoyable moments that it brings. :)

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