Thursday, September 22, 2011

0 New Tag Cloud Category: Tag Cloud Updates Now Have Their Own Tag :-D

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Please note that I've just recently added a new tag called "Tag Cloud Updates" under the "General Index" tag cloud on the right sidebar of this blog. Yeah, I realize that might seem a tad bit humorous to have a tag for tag clouds updates.  :-D

So what's the reason for doing this? Well, there are actually two reasons: First, by grouping these posts into their own separate category, this will help people find and keep up with existing and future related updates on this topic, and second, the creation this new category gives me the perfect excuse to write a post about it in order to point out, particularly to those who might have been previously aware, that there are, in fact, subdivided tag clouds on the right sidebar of this blog to help you more easily find what you're looking for. :)

Just so you know, the previous comment wasn't intended to be a smart-ass remark. :) I realize that not everybody pays attention to such details or even visits the blog directly; as many of you surely already know, there are lots of people who read blog posts within their RSS readers, which will only display blog posts, and not the fancy-schmancy gadgets (like tag clouds) that appear on the blog itself. :)

So, what kind of useful information will this new tag provide? Posts tagged with the new "Tag Cloud Updates" tag will include information like how to effectively use the subdivided tag cloud groupings on this blog as well as updates for significant tag additions and other tag cloud changes. I'm obviously not going to post for every tag addition and removal, only the particularly germane ones that would interest a significant cross-section of this blog's readership, like updates regarding the kid-friendly or vegan recipe tags I'd added to this blog earlier this year.

Speaking of which, as the fall holidays will soon be rolling around, now would certainly be a good time to mention that there is a "holidays" recipe tag as well. :) And, on a related note, there are also event/occasion-specific tags like picnics/bbq foods for those of you planning outdoor events this fall, and an hors d'œuvres tag for those of you looking for dishes you can make for either your own or other people's get-togethers and parties. After all, you never know when you'll need to whip up some last-minute dishes for entertaining company, whether it's for an elaborate affair or for friends coming over to your house to watch the ballgame on TV. :)

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