Monday, February 14, 2011

0 Vegans Can Rejoice: You Now Have Your Own Category on This Blog :)

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Vegans, you can now rejoice. Yes, I've decided to add a new label to the tag cloud just for you.

While I'm not vegan (nor am I vegetarian), I've decided to make some changes to the way recipes are categorized on this blog, due to various requests from vegan friends (most of whom, not surprisingly, are runners). Many have asked me if I could suggest vegan recipes from this blog or could revise existing recipes to suit a vegan diet. In many cases, there are existing "alternate preparation" notes at the end of many recipes, including several suggestions to accommodate vegans. So, for these types of recipes, you will now see a "vegan" tag appearing at the bottom of these posts.

Please note that the "vegetarian" tag, (which, on this blog, is defined as "lacto-ovo vegetarian"), has been used to categorize recipes on this blog since this blog's inception, and that many of the vegetarian recipes on this blog are also vegan. However, I've decided to get even more granular to make it easier for vegans to find the vegan-friendly recipes on this blog.

Any recipe marked as vegan will comply to the following conditions: (1) The recipe is 100% vegan, or (2) the recipe includes modifications (in the notes section of the recipe, usually labelled something like "Alternate Preparations," "Variations," or "Chef's Notes," etc.) to accommodate vegans. So, in other words, vegans shouldn't freak out if they see recipes that have been tagged as "vegan" but still contain dairy or meat products. :)

Also, if I have the time, I might go back through some of the recipes, & consider creating vegan-friendly recipe adaptations for the ones I haven't yet done this for thus far.

I'm still in the conversion process, so please bear with me. You'll see more & more recipes pop up in the cloud tag that will soon bear this new label, as I go through & finish categorizing the rest of my recipes. There are lots of recipes on this blog, 186 or so of which have already been categorized as vegetarian (I'll be going through those first of course), but it's still going to take me a while to get through them all.

In the meanwhile, I encourage those of you who are vegan to check out the recipes on this blog that are labelled "vegetarian." You'll find that many of these recipes are either already vegan, contain vegan-friendly modifications/substitutions, or can be easily modified to suit your needs. If you are vegan, and have any questions about these changes, you're welcome to leave a comment at the end of this post. Or, just contact me via the usual social media channels.


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