Saturday, August 7, 2010

0 "What Does It Mean to be a G.F.W.A.?"

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Some of you might recall that I am a self-proclaimed, "G.F.W.A."  It says so all over the blog, so it's kinda hard to miss. :)

"So what the heck is a G.F.W.A.?" some of you might be thinking. When said aloud it almost sounds like a "guffaw." That is, if the one speaking were Daffy Duck or Elmer Fudd. ;) 

Sure, the initials stand for "Gourmet Foodie With Attitude." And yeah, I coined that little gem in case you were wondering. :-D OK, well, some rappers from Compton might've had a bit to do with that too. ;) (A little tip of the hat.....)

If I must give a dictionary-like definition, I'd sum it up in three little words, "badass bon vivant." :-D Albeit, a baking, broiling, boiling, & dough-punching one. :)

Being a G.F.W.A. means having a "take no prisoners" attitude towards cooking & baking. It means being fearless in the kitchen, risk-taking & trailblazing, being unafraid to try new things. It means being an unstoppable force of nature, & not giving two figs if some people don't get it (others certainly will!), because you know that you're in "the zone" & no can distract you from the course you've set for yourself. It means being passionate about food & life, & lots of other interests & ideas.

Like, duh. :)

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