Monday, August 23, 2010

0 Update: Email Links Fixed + New Public Facebook Page

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A reader recently asked me if I received her recent email, which was sent via the email form on this blog. It was then that I realized that none of these email links were working on any of my blogs (Cooking with Corey, See Corey Run, Rock It! Running Company, Underage Knitter, etc.). So I'd like to thank the reader who let me know about this issue, which has since been resolved. (I've received the test messages I sent via all my blogs' email links and have since confirmed that they all work now.) So feel free to send me messages if you like, because now I will actually receive them. :) Also, I'd like to extend my apologies to those of you who sent me emails via my blogs in the past & wondered why I never responded to them. Now you know.

The other big change is that, after much consideration, I've decided to switch over to a public Facebook page for all public & business-related exchanges and revert my Facebook account back to private usage. Since Facebook doesn't allow simultaneous personal and public/business-related accounts, it seemed that the best alternative was to set up the aforementioned structure.

With over 2500+ Facebook friends & about 50 new friend requests a week, content management was becoming a bit unwieldy. I was honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed by the daily mass influx of Facebook email, status updates, newsfeeds, application/group/page/event invites, friend requests, etc. So, understandably, I just had to scale back the account to already-established, solid connections, which include both longstanding IRL & online friends (i.e., especially fellow blogger pals & runners I've met through Twitter and DailyMile, as well as acquaintances who have regularly interacted with me on Facebook over a significant length of time). So, long-standing friends & acquaintances, please rest assured; there will be no change in our status.

I hope that people will understand & not take these changes personally, as I do enjoy interacting with runners, both online & in-person. People are welcome to interact with me on Twitter (@cyberpenguin) and DailyMile.

Details regarding the switchover can be found below:
Corey L. Irwin I've just converted over to a public Facebook page, -- People who don't know me very well but would like to stay connected can friend me there instead. My current Facebook account will be used primarily for people with whom I've established long-standing personal connections. So, please don't take any unfriending personally. Thanks!

This page will contain updates/articles from all my blogs, plus pertinent information from the @coachpenguin & @rockitrunning Twitter news feeds, both of which contain original content not found in the aforementioned blogs.

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