Tuesday, August 10, 2010

0 It's Your Turn to Vote: Help Me Decide the Fate of These Food Photos :)

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I made a newly created chicken recipe last night, which was supposed to be my next recipe installment. However, I just didn't like the way the photos I looked. They just weren't up to my increasingly picky standards. (If you look at the photos on this blog, you'll see there's been a general progression in terms of photo quality. As they say, practice makes perfect. Even though I originally said I wasn't going to worry so much about photo composition, I'm slowly starting to change my mind. :) )

True, the photos were crisp & clear, but photos also need to be attractive. ;) So, where did that leave me? Do I need to remake the dish to get a better photo? Do I say, "Aw, the heck with it," skip the photo(s) altogether but still post the recipe? Or do I grin and bear it & post the photo(s) anyhow?

So, I'd like to know what you think about the below photos & their composition.... Before you vote, know that the somewhat obscured objects on top of the chicken in both photos are pecans and that the the second photo shows the final preparation step, the addition of balsamic sauce, which adds saltiness & tanginess and helps to balance out the sweetness of the dish.

Which photo do you like better?
Top photo.
Bottom photo.
None of the above.
I like both for different reasons.


So now that you've seen the photos, what do you think I should do?

What do you think?
Remake the dish to get a better photo.
Say, "Aw, the heck with it," & post the recipe without the photo?
Grin and bear it and post the photo(s) anyhow?
What are you talking about? The photos aren't that bad. You should post them to the blog.


Thanks so much for your input! Your feedback truly helps to make this blog better. :-D

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