Sunday, July 18, 2010

0 Using Up the Leftover Booze.... :)

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Next, I'll be featuring recipes with gin, tequila, rye, and rum. I figure I might as well create some recipes with the stuff to use it up, since we obviously won't be drinking it anytime soon. :)

Why do we have all this stuff that we never touch? Well, several years ago, we threw two big parties at our place. The first was an after-party for a big winter gala (to celebrate the organization's 10th anniversary), many moons ago. And the second was for a trunk show at my place (to showcase my jewelry).

Even though we didn't (& still don't) really drink liqueur except for the occasional cocktail here & there, we wanted to have the stuff on hand for those who did. As mentioned previously, my parents aren't exactly big drinkers either, so they generously emptied out their liquor cabinets & gave us a number of bottles (in several boxes!) to help us stock up for these parties. And while I've since used up a lot of the remaining liqueur in recipes, a few bottles still remain in our possession. (I've decide to keep certain things that we'd actually use or consume, like Kahlua, Frangelico, Bailey's, crème de cassis, Cointreau, Midori (melon), triple sec, Curaçao, and fortified wines like marsala, port, sherry, & vermouth, etc. -- i.e., stuff that's tasty in desserts :) -- but the rest of the stuff is going to be used up in recipes over the next few months. When we do imbibe, these days it's mostly wine & beer.)

For the first party, one of the invitees -- our friend Ben -- was actually a former bartender, so he volunteered to help me mix drinks in the kitchen. The party really got going: The music was pumping, everyone was either gabbing or dancing, & every few minutes, more people would pile into our place. They kept arriving in droves, so I was really thankful for our friend's help! Our place was at full capacity; at one point, we had over 70 people at once in our place!!!! I don't know how they all squeezed in. :) To this day, several people still mention to us how much fun & memorable that party was. Good times.....

Since it was an after-party for a work function, as you can imagine, not surprisingly, most of the people there were co-workers, and of course, also our friends. :-D

There were a lot of fun parties back then, and many of them were either happy hours, group outings or get-togethers at friends' houses, &/or work-place happy hours & parties. Now this former workplace really knew how to throw a party. Usually, these kinds of events are the types of things that most people grin & bear for an evening, because they feel it's a "good idea" to be in attendance for various reasons (or at least they'll make a brief appearance to "put in their time"). However, I swear that these work-related events that we used to go to were some of the most fun parties ever thrown by a workplace. :) Part of what made it so fun is that the people themselves that worked at this place were lots of fun, & really knew how to have a good time. So many of us there were all friends with each other anyhow, so it was more of a get-together than anything else. Ahhhhh, what fun we had together. I miss those times & the people we used to hang out with there, a lot. Many of them have since moved away, or now have families, so we don't see them as often these days.....

Anyhow, enough fond reminiscence, let's get back to the recipes, shall we?! :)

So, as I was saying, there'll be lots of upcoming recipes with booze. Most will be either made on the stove or in the oven, so the alcohol will evaporate during the cooking process. :) However, I might also toss a few cocktail & dessert recipes in there just for the heck of it.

I can't wait to share these with you. Something to look forward to in the next few weeks. :)

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