Tuesday, July 13, 2010

0 Buying Just Enough Ingredients For the Week For Optimal Freshness

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When recipe-creating, I tend to make a number of recipes in a row that incorporate the fresh ingredients we just bought at the grocery store. This probably explains why you've seen a number of recipes this week that incorporate feta cheese, Greek yoghurt, parsley, mint, cucumber, and lemons. :)

Of course, part of the fun is thinking of creative ways to use the ingredients. There's also a "freshness deadline" to consider for many of these ingredients, so we try not to buy too many things at once. Otherwise, they'd end up spoiling. This is why Erik & I do our best to buy fresh ingredients in small amounts. After all, it's better to only buy what you can use in any given week or couple of days. That way, the ingredients are at their freshest and there's little or no waste.

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