Friday, July 23, 2010

2 Another Milestone Reached: A Blog Contest to Celebrate 150 Recipes in 3 Years!

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It's official, this blog has now reached 150 recipes. That means there's only 100 recipes to go in order to complete the recipe portion of my cookbook!

Of course, the cookbook will not just be a compilation of recipes already published on this blog. There will be lots of new recipes not found on this blog, plus a few surprises here and there. :)

The original goal was to have completed 250 recipes, but when I reach 250, I might keep going if I feel there's still more I need to include to "flesh out" the cookbook. I'm not sure at this point. Ask me again when I reach #250. ;)

Once I finish the recipe writing phase, of course there's still a lot of work to be done. Then begins the process of organizing, editing, & possibly rewriting material, creating chapters & an index, as well as writing additional material. I'm going to be adding special sections on nutrition & wellness, including a sports nutrition subcategory for endurance athletes. The cookbook will feature a lot of recipes centering around "superfoods," & will also contain various tips & anecdotes.

A lot of time & effort (as well as love & care) has gone (& still goes!) into the recipe-writing process & the testing phases as well! I can't tell you how great it feels to have finally reached Recipe #150, as the "light at the end of the tunnel" has now come into view. :)

So, to celebrate the arrival of this milestone, I'm holding another blog contest. And if you haven't guessed, I'll probably be holding another one when I reach #200 and yet another for #250, which'll definitely be an extra special contest.

So, here's how to enter the blog contest. It's really easy.


(1)  Do one (or more) of the following:

Subscribe to this blog.


Share this post's URL on your Facebook wall, via Twitter (include @cyberpenguin somewhere in the message so I see the tweet!), &/or any other major social media platform (i.e., StumbleUponDiggDeliciousTechnorati, etc.).


Write a quick blog post about this contest and link back to this URL somewhere in your article.

(2) Leave a comment, either at the bottom of this post, on my Facebook wall, or via Twitter (as a reply or DM) to let me know which of the above actions you've completed, providing the corresponding link as proof of your entry. Once the link has been confirmed, your entry will be accepted & counted towards the contest drawing.

Multiple entries are permitted, so, enter as many times as you'd like to increase your chances of winning.

CONTEST DEADLINE: All entries must be received before 12:00 AM, Friday, August 6, 2010.


PRIZES:  Completing the above steps will automatically enter you in a drawing to win one of the following 3 prizes:

15 dollars ($15) worth of kitchen products (cookbooks, kitchenware, gourmet groceries, etc.) of your choice  from my Amazon store.


Free advertising on this blog for an entire year. (Specific conditions apply. Please see this link to view advertising policy parameters.)


A free private cooking lesson, if you live in the local, Greater Washington DC area (i.e., Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, etc.).


Three (3) final contest winners will be chosen at random, and each of the three winners gets to choose one of the above prizes. All prizes are subject to availability and personal scheduling.


frank mcgwoan said...

Another post im makin a mess of this!!!!!!!!!!

Cyberpenguin said...

Hi Frank,
I left a note on your Facebook wall about how to enter the contest. Let me know which of the above contest entry options you've chosen so I can put your name into the drawing. Good luck!

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