Sunday, May 23, 2010

0 Upcoming Recipes + Meal Planning For Next Week....

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So far, I've made enough food to span several days. The salad and dressing both lasted for 2 meals, and the tabouleh and hummus pita sandwiches will also last for another few meals. I also made the mushroom risotto, but that only lasted for one meal. :) Also, we still have a lot of apple pie/tart left over (there are only 3 of us around right now -- not counting the dog! -- to eat all of this food), so that'll also make for several future desserts.... It feels good to have eked out a few days worth of meals from just a few dishes. :)

Also, I decided to scrap the earlier blini with caviar and salmon breakfast idea in favor of lighter, simpler breakfasts, and instead, focus most of my cooking efforts on lunches and dinners.

As for the next week's meals, I'm not quite sure if I'll create something new or just draw from the existing recipe archives. Thus far, I've been trying to make things from what my mother already has in the fridge, save a few necessary items I've had to go out & buy. This way, we can keep time spent grocery shopping to a minimum, and use up what we already have. Plus, that way, there's also more time that can be spent hanging out together. :)

Thankfully, the food I made over the past few days will last a bit, which is good timing in general, because I need a few days off from cooking. :)


As for upcoming recipes, I haven't forgotten about the previous backlog of "promised" recipes. Currently remaining in this particular queue are the following:

--Caruru de Camarao com Coentro (Shrimp & Okra with Nuts & Cilantro) (Brazilian dish)
--Jugo de Maracuyá Con Leche (Passion Fruit Smoothie) (Colombian/Latin American drink)
--Panera-style Orange Scones (from the "Make It Healthier" Challenge, promised to @britishbulldog)
--Restaurant-quality General Tso's Chicken (also from the "Make It Healthier" Challenge, promised to @nturnage)
--some lentil dishes (possibly Ethiopian &/or Middle Eastern dishes of some sort) (promised to @JenZenator)
--some kind of recipe with chía (promised to @saltenhaus)

As I'm currently "on vacation," the above recipes will most likely be posted at some point after my return.

Also, there's lots more new content to look forward to reading as well: Currently in the queue are several, additional recipes-in-progress -- about 80 or so at last count! -- as well as several general food-related articles, all in various states of composition. I also frequently add new ideas for both recipes and articles, so that number is bound to fluctuate.

As each recipe must first be tested and approved before it's posted, I can only make and post so many recipes at a time. Also, since I'm trying very hard not to waste food, it's necessary to space each recipe properly over the requisite amount of time. Some recipes make enough for a single meal, while others might last for a few days. :) Not everything can be frozen, so that's another consideration as well.

However, rest assured that I do plan to post it all at various points in the future. There's lots more to share.....

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