Thursday, May 20, 2010

0 The Location Might Change But the Cooking Continues :)

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I've come home to visit my parents for a bit, and have taken over cooking duties while I'm here to give my mom a break. She doesn't seem to mind. :) It's time to give her the week off, and let someone else take care of her for a change, as she usually spends a good deal of her time taking care of others.

My mom has a fantastic kitchen, and every time I come home, I find myself inspired to cook as soon as I step into it. It's not that my kitchen is so bad; it's just that my mom's kitchen is really great. :) First of all, there's lots of space, and second, it's very bright with lots of natural sunlight. Also, the kitchen/dining area, like the family room, is a central place where lots of activity takes place. There's lots of life to be found there -- in both human and canine form :) -- and I always enjoy the energy and overall feeling of this space.

Tonight was no different. I pulled up the recipe blog on the kitchen computer, and then made the Gimesamwata sarada with Japanese ginger salad dressing, which was a huge hit with the family; they gobbled it right up. :) And then for dessert, I made a fruit salad of fresh mangos, strawberries, & blackberries, which they also loved. A nice simple meal. The funny thing was that the ginger dressing actually took the longest to make out of everything, but even that didn't really take all that long. :) It's all relative....

Erik usually is the one who gets to try all of my latest recipe creations, so I thought it'd be fun for my parents to get a chance to sample them as well. I haven't been home in a while, and so, there've been a lot of new recipes posted to the blog since then. Lots of new things for them to sample. :)

It's been nonstop cooking, which didn't stop after tonight's dinner. Right now, it's closing in on midnight, and I just got finished making a healthy apple tart/pie with absolutely zero refined sugar or butter. There are walnuts in the crust, but at least it's a healthier form of fat. I gave my parents a little sample of the crust (before it went into the oven), and they liked it a lot. :) I hope to snap a picture of the dish and post the recipe at some point in the future. It's going to be fairly busy here over the next few days, so I'm not exactly sure when I'll get around to it. Technically, I'm supposed to be taking a bit of a break/vacation while I'm here. :)

As for the next few days' meals, I'm thinking that I might make the mushroom risotto for tomorrow night's dinner, and then maybe some fish and vegetables on the grill the following night. I'd also like my parents to sample the hummus and tabouleh recipes -- perhaps for lunch -- and then maybe the blini with caviar and smoked salmon for breakfast one morning. We shall see. :)



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