Sunday, March 14, 2010

1 What's Next On The Horizon....

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Here's just a tiny sampling of the recipes that I'm planning to create & post over the next few weeks:

In the next few days....
Grilled Carrots & Turnips Seasoned With Fresh Herbs & Spices
Fatayer Bi Sabanekh (Spinach Triangles) (Middle-Eastern)

Future recipe ideas.... [These are currently in the works, so it's anyone's guess when they'll be posted (!)]
Grilled, Marinated Vegetables
Sarada (Japanese salad; not sure exactly which variety I'm going to make just yet....Might do a few different ones. We'll see.)
Homemade, Mexican-Style Hot Chocolate
Chili Sauce (Chinese)
Guacamole (Mexican)
Tarte Abricot (Apricot Tart) (French)
The Cybertini Mocktail (Cyberpenguin's signature non-alcoholic drink :-D )
Helado de Tamarindo (Taramind Ice/Sorbet) (Mexican)
Italian Ice
Caruru de Camarao com Coentro (Shrimp & Okra with Nuts & Cilantro) (Brazilian)
Jugo de Maracuyá Con Leche (Passion Fruit Smoothie) (Colombian/Latin American)
Sopa de Platanos (Plantain Soup) (Latin American)

Upcoming recipes for the "Make It Healthier Challenge"....
And, yes at some point, I'm gonna get around to making the healthy versions of Panera's Orange Scones & restaurant-style General Tso's Chicken from the "Make It Healthier Challenge," as promised earlier. I'm just a little backlogged at the moment with my cookbook writing project....

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