Wednesday, March 3, 2010

0 Need To Take A Breather.....

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Just found out that my parents will be coming into town for a visit this weekend, so it looks like I'm going to be taking a little breather from the recipe-writing for just a couple of days. Plus, after the previous evening's baking fiasco, a minor break would probably be advisable. ;)

The only thing I'll be making this weekend is the Apricot Clafouti recipe, which will be made in honor of my parents' visit. They are eager to try it & I'm happy to oblige. Thankfully, the recipe is really quick & easy to make. Basically, it's just tossing a bunch of ingredients together & baking them in a pie plate. Can't get much easier than that, eh?! :)

Also, I'd like to send out a big thank you to several of my Twitter friends, who've been graciously offering me baking tips & advice.  By now, most of you already know that baking isn't really my thing, although I'm still, nonetheless, attempting to reproduce Panera's orange scones for my pal, Steve, as part of the "Make It Healthier" challenge. Since there's already been one go-'round (Can we say "epic fail"?! Haha!), guess you could say that I'm now invested in the challenge & so, am not about to back down from it now. :-D I'll keep plugging away until those scones taste light & flaky. Am hoping for a consistency that's more like air, & less like a hockey puck. :)

Just for a laugh, here are some of today's amusing Twitter exchanges about last night's scone attempt, part 1:

cyberpenguin @britishbulldog @andyo22 scones attempt, take 1. take 2 is imminent. :)
britishbulldog @cyberpenguin @andyo22 Sounds like a fun challenge! Enjoy breakfast :)
andyo22 @cyberpenguin Awesome! Keep it up! When you're ready, we'll finally launch !!!@britishbulldog
cyberpenguin @britishbulldog @nturnage @andyo22 hahaha! got plenty 2 share. ;)
nturnage @cyberpenguin I'll wait for the next batch, you enjoy those ;-)
cyberpenguin "Make It Healthier" Challenge: Orange Scones Experiment, Take 1
nturnage @cyberpenguin nice try w/ the scones. good luck getting your next few breakfasts down :)
cyberpenguin hahaha! @phantom4 just said that the @capitals could prolly use some extra hockey pucks. scones, any1? ;) @britishbulldog @andyo22 @nturnage
cyberpenguin ate a scone 4 brkfast & another one 4 lunch. don't think i can hack another one 4 dinner. LOL. @nturnage @britishbulldog @andyo22 @gchance
gchance Hey, can you make a healthy version of Girl Scout Samoas for @quotianlight? I think she has a problem....
cyberpenguin @gchance hehe, ur asking me after my last baking debacle? ;) u sure u wanna do that 2 @quotianlight? ;)
gchance I totally forgot about that,you had warned me you don't bake
gchance @cyberpenguin And you know sometimes when you fail at something like that you end up creating something new
cyberpenguin @gchance new isn't always better. ;)
gchance @cyberpenguin You should really photograph failed attempts!
cyberpenguin @gchance haha! what a great idea. :-D
cyberpenguin @gchance r u in2 baking? if so, have any advice? ;)
gchance @cyberpenguin I've been known to dabble. Biggest rule is calibrate the oven like we discussed yesterday!
gchance @cyberpenguin Or should I say, use an oven thermometer instead of the knob setting
cyberpenguin @gchance LOL. not sure an oven thermometer could've saved my scones. added 2 much flour. dropping them on the floor would've made a dent! ;)
cyberpenguin @gchance maybe u can do an instructional baking video. :)
cyberpenguin guess i asked for it when i decided to create my own recipe for scones. maybe i should've tried working from a prototype 1st. ;)
devincorey @cyberpenguin don't get too discouraged... You can easily over-mix scone batter, making a dense brick instead of a nice and crumbly scone!
cyberpenguin the scones attempt reminds me of the 1st time i tried 2 bake bread: the doughy texture was only supposed 2 exist BEFORE baking. hahaha!
cyberpenguin dang it, i'm gonna get these scones right if it's the last thing i do!!!! grrrr.
gchance @cyberpenguin I'm not a big scone fan, they're just hard biscuits, hehe
gchance @cyberpenguin Here, puppy puppy! Got some nice doggie biscuits for ya! :)
cyberpenguin @gchance yeah, if you like doggie biscuits with baked oranges in the middle. :)
cyberpenguin @gchance haha! don't think my cats would go 4 it, altho a dog prolly would.they tend 2 b, how shall we say, a little bit less discerning. ;)
gchance @cyberpenguin My dog eats anything. Literally, my kids were doing beads, one dropped on the floor, and she ate it.
cyberpenguin @gchance yum. :)

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