Wednesday, March 3, 2010

0 The First "Make It Healthier" Challenge: The Case Of The Botched Orange Scones Experiment -- Or, Attack of the Killer Scones, Part 1

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Looks innocent enough, eh? Then again, looks are deceiving. ;) Trust me, it looks a lot better than it tasted! And in case you're wondering, that weird indiscernible, membranous thing awkwardly poking out of the right side of the scone is actually an orange slice. "Oh, the horror!!!" :-D This thing could've doubled as a stand-in for the Kraken. LOL. Quick, avert your eyes & run away, before it attacks. ;)

I was hoping to post the "orange scones" recipe today for the first "Make It Healthier" challenge entry (submitted by Steve Speirs).  Last night I made my first attempt, & let's just say that the recipe still needs a little refining. ;)

We now have 8 reject scones to eat for breakfast for the next few days. :) OK, they don't taste that bad -- just a little doughy & not as sweet as they need to be.  I don't believe in wasting food, so it has to be a truly inedible experiment in order for me to toss the results.

The good news is that, out of this experiment, came some invaluable knowledge. For example: Honeybell tangerines taste really bitter when baked inside of a scone. Note to self: Do not EVER try this again. ;)  Other little pearls of wisdom: When it comes to concocting a recipe for scones, try less flour & more honey. :)

The other piece of good news is that since the scones were made with health in mind, at least they won't be adding any refined sugar or that many extra fat calories to our breakfasts this week.  However, to be honest, I'm beginning to wonder whether a low-fat version exists that actually tastes good. ;)  Still, I will trudge on & try again.  Hopefully, part 2 of the orange scones experiment will produce a much more successful result.  I'm not going to post the recipe until the end-result has been perfected.  I'm hoping it will happen on the next take, because otherwise we are going to get mighty sick of eating reject scones. LOL.

This baking thing is a lot harder than it looks. :-D


P.S. For the record, I never said that I was an expert baker or even a baker, period.  I have a lot of experience cooking, but have never really spent much time baking, mostly because I value my health & like being able to see my waistline... & my toes. :)

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