Thursday, February 18, 2010

0 Thank You, FoodCandy, For Featuring This Blog On Your Front Page

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I woke up to some good news: Waiting for me in my email Inbox this morning was the following message from FoodCandy:

FoodCandy - friendster for foodies

Featured syndicated blog post
Dear cyberpenguin,
Your syndicated blog post Taste-Testers, I'd Like To Hear From You! has been featured on the front page of FoodCandy - enjoy the celebrity!

Of course, it was thrilling to find out that the publishers of FoodCandy had picked my blog, & also that this selection had fortuitously coincided with the publication of my most recent post requesting taste-testers, since, of course, it's crucial that the cookbook have feedback from cooks, bakers, & chefs before it goes into publication. Yay!

I really hope that the taste-testers post gets some response, or encourages people to try the recipes, so they can provide some much-needed feedback. My fingers are crossed......

For posterity, here's a snapshot of their front page, to prove that it's real. :)

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