Friday, February 12, 2010

0 Several Feet of Snow = Creative Cooking :-D

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Needless to say, with all this snow, trips to the supermarket lately have been interesting. ;) The shelves look like they've been ravaged by wild beasts.  Or sharks on a feeding frenzy.

Of course, the staple foods are the first to go: bread, milk, eggs, meat, cheese, produce.  And also snowshovels & TP. :)

Several grocery shoppers throughout the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic have come upon the same dilemma: Empty supermarket shelves. Everywhere, people have been recounting the same tale.

The food shipments aren't getting through all that snow & lots of us are desperately rummaging through our cabinets in search of something to eat.

Case in point: Yesterday I made dinner from 1/2 an onion, the remaining 2 cloves of garlic, 2 scallions, cracker meal, some salt & pepper, the last drop of white wine, & the last 2 eggs in the fridge, & called it a "quiche." :) The even more surprising thing is that it was good! :-D  [In fact, I'm even thinking about posting that recipe sometime in the future.... Perhaps the title will be "Desperation Cooking 101." ;) ]

Normally, whenever snow comes into this area, people freak out, overreact, & start hoarding food like there's no tomorrow, but this time they were actually justified in doing so. :)

Thankfully, we could probably survive for a month on all the dry goods we have in our cabinets. Not saying that it would be terribly exciting cuisine, but at least we are well-stocked, just in case. And if necessary, we could resort to the nonfat powdered milk & the wine rack if things reach "desperation levels." LOL.

Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink?!  Thankfully, the tap still works. ;)  Fingers crossed!

Check out this video about the snow & people's responses to it:

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