Wednesday, February 10, 2010

0 The "Make It Healthier" Challenge

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Got a recipe you love that you'd like to see turned into a healthier version of itself? Well, I'm the woman for the task. Give me your biggest challenge, & I'll take it on!

All you have to do is send me the recipe you'd like to have modified, & then I'll do the rest.

Please note that I will be posting the end results of these recipe modification on this blog. If you'd rather not have the particular recipe submission attributed to you personally, please be sure to indicate this in your email request.

Also, as you probably already know, I like to make a recipe in my test kitchen before I post it here. So, if the recipe happens to be something that I'm unable or unwilling to eat for health concerns, dietary restrictions, or other reasons, then I'll just email you suggestions for recipe modifications versus posting it here. OK?! In other words, I'll still help you out, regardless of whether or not I make/post the recipe. :-D

And speaking of challenges, don't forget about the "Spotlight on Spices" challenge. Just name the spice you'd like to try, & I'll dream up an original recipe incorporating that spice.


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