Saturday, January 9, 2010

0 What Do Knitting & Good Nutrition Have in Common?

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OK, I realize that the topic I'm about to mention has absolutely NOTHING to do with food or nutrition, but it does relate somewhat, if rather indirectly to health.  And that topic is knitting.

Why do I mention knitting here, at this blog, of all places?  Well, first of all, like cooking & baking, knitting is another creative endeavor.  Secondly, knitting can be great for your health, & believe it or not, can also be used as a weight-control activity. :-D  When one is focused intently upon an activity that keeps one's hands & mind occupied, the mind tends to relax & forget about other concerns.  One thinks about knitting, or if the project is easy enough & doesn't tax the mind, then there's room for other activities, i.e., thinking, talking with friends & family, listening to music, watching movies, etc.  And of course, it's great for stress relief as well. And all of these factors can contribute to improved physical & emotional well-being.

And, if you haven't guessed by now, all of the above exposition is also the lead-in to a plug for my brand new blog, Underage Knitter. :-D Here is where I plan to document past & present projects, dole out knitting tips, & offer original patterns (created by yours truly), & just talk about knitting in general. So, those of you who are knitters or who might be interested in learning might want to check it out or subscribe to it.


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