Saturday, January 16, 2010

0 Some Excellent Recipe Blogs I Recently Stumbled Upon.....

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Today, while I perusing one of my favorite blogs, Orangette, I discovered another fantastic blog via the comments section of a post there; the comment was interesting, & so, out of curiosity, I clicked on the associated link to a blogger's profile, which then led me to their blog. The name of this blog is Figs, Bay, & Wine.

I also found yet another excellent blog by the name of Kitchenography. (I think I found this one while searching for a particular recipe on the web.)

These two blogs are the latest "shiny new objects" of my online food-related fascination.

The food photos at both of these sites are truly gorgeous, polished, & highly professional-looking, & the photos are truly mouth-watering. They almost jump from the page, in all their glistening, picture-perfect glory. These sites simply make me sigh, & momentarily wish I had the time & the inclination to make my blog as photogenically flawless as both of theirs.

But it's not just a superficial love. The recipes look really amazing as well. Sigh. :)

A large number of recipes at both of these blogs really hit my "optimal recipe zone." :) If you enjoy my blog's recipes, then you will most likely enjoy the ones at these sites as well.

Happy Exploring & Bon Appétit,

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