Monday, January 25, 2010

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I have to say, and this is actually not said to brag or revel in smarmy self-satisfaction, that my man is pretty darned awesome. I'm stating it more as an ode of appreciation to him.

While many women often complain that they don't get enough help from their mates, especially when it comes to chores around the house, I'm happy to say that in my particular case, that this statement doesn't apply to our situation at all. Even though he works full-time, Erik still pitches in on a multitude of household duties, & I truly appreciate it.  He's the true definition of an equal relationship partner, & I thank my lucky stars for that.

Erik also does the bulk of the grocery shopping in our household, believe it or not. I'll typically email him a shopping list & then after work, he'll go around the corner to pick up groceries & head home. That's the agreed-upon deal in our household: I cook, & he shops for the food.

He's well-schooled in the fine art of "getting it right" when it comes to shopping lists.  I rarely have to say "I asked for this instead of that." It's really nice when you can trust your man to get the right thing on the "honey-do" list with complete confidence in his "hunting & gathering" abilities. :)

Part of the reason for this is that he pays attention to details, possesses good communication skills, & has an excellent memory. These are truly blissful qualities that will make any woman jump for joy. :)

He also knows me really well, & at this point is practically a mind-reader. This really comes in handy, especially when it comes to grocery shopping. :) If he can't find the exact thing I asked for at a particular supermarket, he will even go to another grocery store without any prompting from me.  I never even asked him to do this, ever. He is just super-thoughtful & considerate.  One time, he went to four different stores to find something for me. A few times I even had to ask him not to do this, because I just wanted him to return home soon after his shopping excursion, so he could eat before 10 pm. :)

He's also good at improvising: If he can't find something on the list, he will often get the next best thing, which is usually exactly what I want.

His reward is a home-cooked, healthy gourmet meal & my eternal gratitude. Thank goodness for modern men.

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