Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Hello There Fellow Culinary Adventurers,

I know it's been a while since my last post here, but I have some good news for you: I've got some brand new original recipes to post here. Now I'm not trying to be a tease by talking about them & then not posting them. However, they haven't been perfected quite yet, which is why I'm holding back for now.

Creating a new recipe is like any other creative endeavor: It sometimes takes a while for the ideas to incubate in the creator's head before they're ready to be brought into being or are ready to be publicly unveiled.

Also, the other thing is that they need to be taste-tested & family/friend/chef-approved before they receive the OK. (And that can take some time to coordinate & accomplish, depending on our schedules.) After all, it wouldn't be a good idea to post an untried, unapproved, &/or mediocre recipe here, now would it?! :)

And depending on what's going on in my household, that could also mean varying lengths of time before I actually find an occasion or purpose to make a particular recipe. Also, since I've been ill lately, cooking hasn't exactly been a top priority. However, sleep sure has. :)

At any rate, here's a preview of some recipe ideas that I plan to post here at some point in the future:

Caruru de Camarao com Coentro (Shrimp & Okra with Nuts & Cilantro) (Brazilian dish)
Jugo de Maracuyá Con Leche (Passion Fruit Smoothie) (Colombian/Latin American drink)
Sopa de Plátanos (Plantain Soup) (Latin American appetizer)
Dulce de Tamarindo (Tamarind Candies; made in a healthy way!) (Mexican treat)
Avocado with Sweet Soy Bean Paste (Asian side dish)
Pomegranate Muffins

That should give you something to look forward to reading/making until then. :)


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