Friday, September 11, 2009

2 Phew, This Is Hard Work!

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I just added five -- count 'em, five (!) -- posts (including this one & the one I just finished that was backdated from July!), & am just about ready to keel over from all the writing. :)

To boot, I fell asleep on the couch again around 6 pm, and it royally screwed up my sleep schedule. So here I am at 5:54 am, still awake, not having gone to bed since, er, 6 pm. :)

Of course, I enjoy writing, but frankly sometimes the actual documentation process itself, especially for a new recipe creation, can be a bit tedious. Sometimes I'd love to just be able to come up with an original recipe and have all the ingredients and instructions automagically recorded for me. :)

For me, the real fun's in the recipe creation process & the story-telling that goes along with it. :)

Perhaps the other reason the process is so "painful" is that, as you probably have already figured out by this point, I like to put a lot of details into each post. There are a lot of crucial details, and due to my perfectionist and den-mother-like tendencies, I'm going to do everything in my power to ensure that when it's time for you to go through the cooking process, that your experience turns out well. :)

[And if that means describing something in carefully detailed, precise language, then so be it, regardless of how much effort or time it takes for me to do so. A recipe blog is one place in which skimping on information could be potentially dangerous. ;) ]

Anyhow, I hope you like these last few posts. Hopefully the enormous amount of time and effort put into the documentation process proves to be worth it in the end -- for both creator and reader alike! :)

Good Night -- er, I mean "Good morning!" ;),


Health Blog Helper said...

That's so funny that you added all these posts at once! But I totally know what you mean about wanting to write good, detailed posts. And I think that's better than putting something up every day just for the sake of putting something up.

Congrats on the Chef of the Month feature!

Cyberpenguin said...

Thanks! I really appreciate you saying that! Your blogs are packed full of useful content, so that's quite a compliment coming from you! :)

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