Saturday, May 2, 2009

0 Need Reinforcement Getting Back on Track with Your Eating? Join The "Healthy Eating Initiative"!

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I'd like to invite you to join our "Healthy Eating Initiative" at the motivational fitness site, Just Finish.

Here you will find support, motivation, & tips for eating & preparing healthy, tasty foods which will satisfy your taste buds, fill you full of energy, & make you feel fantastic!

I believe that the best way for people to get back on track with their eating is through constructive reinforcement & positive encouragement. By first focusing on what we're currently doing correctly -- in terms of both nutrition & portion sizes, & then moving onto what we'd like to realistically accomplish, we can then put ourselves in the proper mental state to squarely face what we need to improve upon, leaving behind our past attachments to ineffectual behaviors & unnecessary mental anguish.

The key to success, not only in nutrition & exercise, but as one of life's large philosophical precepts, is learning how to become aware again, reconnecting with our senses & the world around us, getting back to basics, letting go of attitudes & behaviors that no longer serve us, refocusing on what works for us as individuals, & lastly but certainly not least, remembering to live in the present. You must be able to see what's possible for you & believe fully in it and in yourself.

Once you get into the proper headspace, you are half-way there. Then the focus shifts to implementation, which doesn't have to be overly complicated in order to be successful. This is the point at which concepts go from the abstract & the philosophical to the concrete & the specific. Like a pole-vaulter visualizing him- or herself breaking new barriers, first you perceive, then you achieve. :)

To join the group, simply join JustFinish (if you haven't done so already) & then request group membership. After you join & sign in, I encourage you to read the "Welcome Message," because it contains important details about the scope & purpose of this discussion group.


More details about the group:

The "Cyberpenguin" & the "RunningHoosier" have joined forces to bring you the help & support you need to reach your health & wellness goals!

This is the companion program to Running Hoosier's fitness challenge, "Thirteen Weeks To A Healthier You," which you can join by visiting Thirteen Weeks To A Healthier You (Just Finish challenge group) & its parent site, Running Hoosier.

I encourage you to join both groups on Just Finish, as the two programs will be working hand-in-hand to promote total health & well-being via fitness, nutrition, & overall healthy living.

After all, even if you are currently maintaining a healthy weight, healthy eating & exercise are still important to maintaining good health! :)

Thanks for joining our groups! We look forward to helping you to achieve your fitness/nutrition/health goals! It's going to be a great group dynamic!


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