Monday, February 16, 2009

0 Some Interesting Cooking Shows of Note

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My TiVo sure knows what I like. :) The other day it taped a few "new" cooking shows that I'd never watched before. Of course the shows aren't actually "new,"but they are new to me since I haven't seen them before. ;-)

The first one I watched was Sam Zien's "Just Cook This." For those of you who've never watched his show before, he takes standard recipes and -- with the help of a nutritionist -- he converts them into healthier alternatives. The feel of his show, like his personna, is very casual & laid-back. He gives the impression that he's "just some guy who happens to cook." You can check out some of his recipes here.

The second show I watched was "Urban Cuisine with Marcus Samuelsson. Marcus is a world-renown chef based in NYC. His show features lively guest celebrities who chat with him about food/his recipes & also assist him in the kitchen. There's a small cache of his recipes on the show's website, which is merely a scant sampling of the recipes featured on his show. I also found some more of his recipes on his official website.

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