Wednesday, July 16, 2008

0 The Attention Span of A Flea -- No, Not ME! ;-)

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In this ADD-like culture we are living in, it amazes me that people have the patience to sit for more than a half-hour listening or watching or reading anything. :)

So, on that note, I ask that you disregard the length of some of the posts on this blog, & instead pay attention to their content. :)

All I'm saying is that if you do see a post longer than 3 paragraphs (LOL!), please try to remain calm. ;-) Long posts aren't necessarily indicative of prosaic prose. :) I don't relish reading dull, dry minutiae, & so, will do my best to not subject the readers of this blog to the same treatment. :)

I realize that some of my posts are probably better suited for a book format, which is actually a good thing, because I'm writing a cookbook. :)

Yeah, I know, very funny. ;-)

Of course, not all of the blog posts are long. And if you're printing out the recipes, you'll notice that some can actually fit onto a single sheet of paper. LOL.

I realize that different people are looking to get different things out of this blog: Some are here for the recipes, some like reading the foodie commentary & kitchen/nutrition tips, & some may've ended up here by pure chance. :)

And that's OK. Simply put, what we get out of an experience is what we put into it.

(See, this post provides clear evidence that I can also write short posts too. :) )

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