Wednesday, May 7, 2008

9 Welcome To My Schizoid Blog ;-)

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One minute I'm writing about health food, & the next booze & chocolate? So what's my deal? Well, I've got moods just like the rest of you. And I'm a Gemini. ;-) So, in emoticons, that means you might get either >:) or O:-), depending on which twin decides to check in at the appointed heure de blogging. ;-)

(Speaking of which, I think I'm going to cut out the little figurines from this website & perch them on my shoulder the next time the twins want to duke it out.)

Sometimes I feel like blogging about chocolate-covered goodies & other times, about food that's good for you! So, whichever category you like to read about, stick around, because this blog will have a bit of both!

Now I know I've said on previous occasions that I was going to mainly focus on delicious & healthy, whole foods, but there are times when the >:) in me just has to blog about gourmet goodies too. After all, life isn't all applesauce & oatmeal. ;-)


Rolando said...

You're making my hungry Corey, lol. I like the diversity of your blog posts and recipes.

Cyberpenguin said...

Hahahaha, thanks, Rolando! Glad you approve! 8-) It's certainly nice to know that you also appreciate many different cuisines & have a broad, adventurous palate. I love it!

Anna said...

Hi Cory. This is me, Anna, from the Low Calorie Vegetarian Site. First of all, your blog is REALLY funny and I love your polls. Secondly, you make me wonder how to do things to my blogger blog like what you have done to yours. For example, the little RSS plug you have in the comment box. And you have bookmark widgets on each post - I figured out how to do that in wordpress but not blogger.

Anyway the reason I came is that I just created a new blog attached to my site, and what it is is a place where anyone can publish their own recipes (low calorie or vegetarian - sorry, it's specialized!). You can also include links back to your own blog(s)/site(s).

It is such a baby blog that there are no posts on it yet! Would you like to be the first? This is the Blog:

Your Vegetarian and Low Calorie Recipes

I hope you can contribute something. I have it set so that I have to moderate before it shows up (just to weed out spam) but if you register an account I will give you author status so you can post without approval.

Thanks, and I hope you can contribute!

Anna said...

Oh - PS. I gave you a DIGG. :)

Cyberpenguin said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks so much for your compliments & Diggs. So glad you're enjoying this blog!

Thanks for the invitation to contribute vegetarian recipes to your blog. I'm very busy as of late, but hope to submit recipes at some point in the near future.

To answer your question, you can add the RSS info to the comments section of your Blogger blog by going to Settings-->Comments, & putting your text in the "Comment Form Message" field.

To "Add This" bookmark widget, you'll need to add the code to the post-footer section of the HTML code of your blog. First grab the code from & then check out this site/resource for further instructions.

Hope that helps!


Saikat said...

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Kess And Her Mama said...

I totally know what you mean. Somedays I'm like a little angel dog and other days I'm the rascals of all rascals. So my blog has a good dose of both! Kess

Jim Gerl said...


I just voted for your blog for the Bloggers Choice Awards.

Would you please return the favor at



Cyberpenguin said...

Thanks, everybody for your comments & votes!

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