Wednesday, April 16, 2008

0 Have Some Cookies, And Munch On The Label While You're At It!

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Now check this out! Now you can read the nutritional content of your cookie on the actual cookie. Yes, you heard me correctly. And no, I'm not making this up.

Design company Andrew Andrew is selling these 4" x 5" cookies at a cost of $25 per 2 cookies. Whoah. I wonder how many they've sold (especially at that price)?

It could be a good idea from the consumers' perspective. After all a good customer is an informed customer, etc., etc.

Who knows? Maybe people will eat a cookie like this. That is, if reading the contents doesn't stop you dead in your tracks first. But maybe people won't stop long enough to read the label because they're too busy eating it! ;-)

My question is this: Will printing the nutritional information directly on the cookie deter people from actually eating the cookie? There are 13 grams of fat in a single cookie. Hmmm, that'd make me think twice before eating it. ;-)

Also, I don't know about the overall appeal of this cookie: Aside from turned off after seeing how many fat calories I'd potentially be pasting onto my hips, these cookies frankly aren't that aesthetically pleasing to the eye. That's part of the delight of eating desserts, after all. (And of course, if you're going to blow the calories, it'd better taste good too!) A big rectangular cookie with a giant label on it? Sounds more like a sales gimmick that Andy Warhol would have a field day recreating as a tongue-in-cheek joke (i.e., he'd probably do a silk-screen mosaic of the cookies in 10 different colors!), rather than a seriously viable marketing concept.

Just what we've always wanted, edible labels, right?! LOL. What will they possibly think of next?!

But what I want to know is this: Do they factor in the label when they're counting calories & other such nutritional data? ;-)


(Apparently, this isn't exactly breaking news, but since it's the first I've heard of it, it's certainly news to me! After all, it's not exactly the stuff of headlining, front pages news. ;-) But one can never tell with so many info-tainment news programs these days!)

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