Saturday, April 12, 2008

0 Cowgirl, You Got Something "Yummy!" ;-)

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I happened to be poking around the web researching some things for my JCrewaholics blog, when I came upon this really cute & clever blog written by a woman named Tara called "Cowgirl, You Got Something." Tara writes in a very entertaining manner, & her blog is sprinkled with amusing anecdotes, recipes, & fashion.

Of course, the primary reason why I'm mentioning her blog here is, of course, because of the recipes. She recently posted a fantastic-looking recipe entitled Moroccan Chickpea Salad. YUM!

I happened on her blog quite randomly, after doing a search for pictures of JCrew items from the previous season (i.e., Winter 2007). I first saw the above recipe on her main page (as it was a fairly recent post), but then found more after browsing her archives.

Her recipes look great & I was so delighted to find more! Another delicious-looking recipe of hers that I'd like to reference here in this post is a recipe for (Slow-Cooked) Thai Chicken. Not sure if it's an original of hers or not, but nonetheless, it looks absolutely DELICIOUS!

I hope she posts more!

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