Wednesday, January 9, 2008

0 Finally a Blog Post, Albeit a Brief One....

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OK, I've just about had it up to here with this repeated blog template corruption problem. Arrrghhh! Sometimes the title photo shows up as a cropped, cut-off image & other times it slides across the page. It's not that I can't fix the problem, which I assure you I can, but rather it's just that I'm absolutely NOT about to redo my blog template for the 5 zillionth time. Wordpress, anyone? ;-)

I do realize that it's been "all quiet on the Western front," with regard to this blog. Just been fantastically way too busy to cook much of anything lately, let alone write about it! ;-) It's been lots of simple whole foods lately. When things quiet down (which'll hopefully happen in a few weeks or months!), I hope to get back to cooking, dreaming up original recipes, & cookbook writing. So please bear with me, as I struggle to juggle just way too many projects, plans, & aspirations. ;-)

Also, I just want to let all of you know that I do appreciate your comments & have read them all, & plan to respond at some point soon, whenever I can find a moment.

As I've mentioned numerous times before, you're welcome to visit my other blogs if you're starved for content. Right now, the blog I most regularly contribute to is my running blog. I also contribute in dribbles & drabbles to my WFD Jewelry & Ferlanti Couture blog, as well as to my JCrew blog. And of course, you're welcome to visit my other two blogs (Ladybug Tea Company: A Cheeky Little Blog & Music Unbound. Lately, I haven't contributed as much to these last two blogs, but if you haven't visited them in the past several months or at all(!), you might find something new & interesting there as well. Enjoy!

(You might notice that some of these other blogs are suffering from the same template corruption. What can I say, it's an epidemic. OK, it's not that bad, & at some point, I'll probably get around to fixing these issues. The page is still readable, & the corruption doesn't really affect the page layout, other than the title graphic & a missing third-column. I did move all of the content out of that third column, so all of the content is, in fact, still there. If you have any suggestions for a more permanent & far-reaching solution to these annoying blog template issues, other than moving over to Wordpress! ;-), I'd greatly appreciate your insight to attain such a higher state of blog nirvana. ;-) Thanks so much!)

Hope you all had a great holiday season, & I wish you a very blogalicious 2008! ;-)


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