Thursday, November 22, 2007

4 Arrrgh! Blogger Template Corruption, Again!

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I'm getting really sick of my blogger templates getting corrupted. It doesn't seem to matter if I've got them backed up, because it still means I've got recreate the polls & other junk from scratch once I fix the problem. Backing up the template doesn't seem to preserve the actual data either. It just preserves the structure of the blog. Grrrrrr.

The blogger platform doesn't seem to like the custom, 3-column template I was created, so please bear with me with the current funky appearance of this blog. This not only happened multiple times on this one blog, but it's also happened to most of my other Blogger blogs!

I might be moving to Wordpress shortly, so stay tuned......

Do any of you have an opinion one way or the other on the various platforms, & which one you think is best? Have any of you Wordpress users found similar problems with template corruption (i.e., sidebars moving to the bottom of the page, etc.), or this problem seem to be mostly specific to Blogger blogs?

Would appreciate any feedback you have on your own experiences or general knowledge of the differences between platforms. Thanks!



Mark Fowler said...'s my two cents...I have my blog both on blogger and wordpress...exactly the same, I like the wordpress one much real reason, I just do...Cheers!


ben said...

I used to blog on blogger, but having my own domain was the best move I ever did. The platform I use is WordPress and I am really happy with it. Just my thoughts. I hope you can figure it out soon

Nice blog, btw

Iris said...

What about trying this

This is what i used with my clickdtalk blog site and i never have any problem at all, just change the header that matches with your taste.

Enjoy :)

Karen said...

I'm struggling with the same dilemna over whether or not to switch...

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