Thursday, September 20, 2007

0 Yes, Finally Some Foodie Content Again!!!!!!

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Yes, I know it's been an endless string of posts about awards & thank you's for these awards, & I bet you're probably thinking, "Enough already, when's she going to write some foodie content?!?" Or "How about atleast stringing us along with a recipe or two?!" Well wait no more. My stomach is growling, my kitchen cutlery & sense of humor are both sharpened, & I'm ready to talk about food!

Well, the new season of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares has begun & Gordon is as blunt as ever! Certainly not a man to cower from confrontation, he's in rare form, once again telling restaurants where to stick their horrible-tasting food! But he's not all criticism; he pitches in, offers useful advice, & helps restaurants by retooling their menus & helping the staff clean up their heinously unhealthy kitchens that would make any health inspector cringe!

You have to be fairly thick-skinned to take his harsh-but-true style of criticism. While watching the show, have you ever considered whether or not you yourself could take that kind of bluntly delivered criticism? It might be uproariously funny & very entertaining, but I know I certainly wouldn't want to be the object of his fiery harangues! ;-)

I think I'd probably be like some of the more feistier chefs featured on his show, who'd give it back to him in spades! All lip & attitude, & a big spatula-smack to his rear to boot! Hahahaha!

I'd probably start out by getting mad, then get even (no, just kidding!), & then settle down & take his criticism. In the end, it's really the way you tell someone that their soufflé stinks, or that their menu needs work, that makes all the difference. ;-)

Ultimately, no one enjoys criticism, but atleast constructive criticism usually is given with the intention of helping you to get better. Gordon could use some work in the tact department, but then again, the show probably wouldn't be nearly as amusing to watch. ;-)

Heaven only knows, Gordon isn't a man with the time or patience to politely couch his constructive criticism in euphemisms. And his bluntness sometimes leads to drama & chaos, but I guess in the end, I'd rather have someone tell me the truth than kiss my ass. Wouldn't you? Atleast you know where you stand.

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