Sunday, September 9, 2007

1 The Email Letter I Wrote to Duff Goldman

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Hi Duff & the Ace of Cakes People,
I know you are all really busy, but I wanted to ask Duff a really amazing question: Did you happen to work at Capital Camps (in Waynesboro, PA) during the Summer of 1993? Because if so, I think we might actually KNOW each other. That year I was the art director at Camp Kaufmann. I just have to know if that was really you that I worked with all of those years ago. Too many of the details I remember about this person fit your description -- The guy I knew was around the same age & looked a LOT like you, was from Maryland, plus he was a graffiti artist, played in a band, drew these really crazy cartoon sketches of pickles (!), & happened to be Jewish, just like you. It was so long ago, but every time I watch your show, I used to get the feeling that I knew you from somewhere, until it dawned on me one day. If you get the chance, check out my photo on my blog,, & see if you recognize me. I probably look a bit different than I did in 1993 (don't we all?!), but let me know if my face rings a bell.

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RennyBA said...

here from BlogCatalog - thanks for the add!

You really have a great food blog and I like to explore you gourmet post.

I'm from Norway and post quite often about food too. You might like to check - maybe we could exchange some recipes:-)

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