Thursday, September 6, 2007

4 Duff Goldman, Do I KNOW You From Somewhere?

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In a recent post (i.e., two posts ago), I rapped about how much I liked Ace of Cakes. Or rather, more accurately, first I ranted about some Food Network chefs who annoy me and then raved about the Food Network chefs who rock, like pasty chef Duff Goldman & his crew from Ace of Cakes. :-)

Since I wrote that particular post, which ended on a discussion about Ace of Cakes, I started thinking more about the show. And then I remembered a recurring notion that I just couldn't shake:

Every time I watch the show, I kept getting this feeling of certainty that I know Duff from somewhere. I couldn't never seem to put my finger on the exact place or how I know him, but he looks really familiar. This is not out of the realm of possibility, since my past is in fact, connected to many people from Maryland (& Massachussetts, his home state).

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks -- The summer of 1993. Yes, I think I actually might KNOW Duff Goldman. (No, I'm actually serious!)

Back in the summer of 1993, before I had a full-time job in the real world, I was the art director at Camp Kaufman (the older kids' camp) at Capital Camps. I remember this kid who was an amazing graffiti artist & helped us decorate the inside of our art shack with graffiti! (Yes, they let us do that, believe it or not! Some of the kiddies got a little too enthusiastic though & couldn't resist putting some graffiti on the outside of the art shack while I wasn't looking, which they later offered to help me scrub off, to keep us all out of trouble! But that's a completely different story altogether....)

Anyhow, I think this guy was actually a younger counselor or perhaps a CIT. He had a skater punk kind of vibe & also drew these funny cartoons of pickles. (Judging from the expression on their faces, I think they were half-sours & not regular dill. ;-) Ba-dump!)

After all these years, I can only remember what he & his artwork looked like (his artwork was very cool & left quite an impression on me!), but he did look a LOT like Duff. In addition to the physical resemblance, his sense of humor, artistic sensibilities, hobbies, & love of food definitely all fit the description.

Now, it possibly could be a case of mistaken identity, but if that guy I worked with back in '93 actually WAS him, wouldn't that be a completely amazing coincidence??!!!!

So, just for the heck of it, I emailed Charm City Cakes via their web form & told them how cool I thought they all were & also how I blogged about them & am thinking about utilizing their services for my upcoming nuptials. At the time, I didn't mention that I might possibly know Duff from a previous association, but wouldn't it be really cool if Duff & his crew read this post & respond!!!!!

So Duff, if you're reading this, did you happen to work as a counselor at Capital Camps (either Camp Benjamin or Kaufman) in Waynesboro, PA??!!!! Was that REALLY you I worked with in 1993?! If so, you're welcome to email me & say "hi"! And even if that wasn't you, heck, it'd still be very cool to hear from you! ;-)

So, were you a graffiti artist in your past life? If so, it's good to see you channeling your artistic talents into something legal (!), like baking cakes!!!! 8-)

So how the heck ARE you, man? Judging from your show, it looks like you're doing pretty darn good! 8-)



bob said...

sooooo, do you know him????

Cyberpenguin said...

Well, since I'm still waiting to hear back from him &/or his crew, I'm not really sure yet. I think a confirmation directly from him would definitely help!

I might have to write him again, but this time ask the direct question of whether or not we worked together back in 1993.

I initially wrote Charm City Cakes just to voice my support for the show, ask about his services, & of course mention that I'd written about him in my blog, but that was in reference to my previous post, & not this particular post. ;-)

Of course, if there any new developments, I'll certainly post them on my blog!

Thanks for your comment!

Celebration Generation said...

So did you ever email and ask directly?

Cyberpenguin said...

Yes, I did email him, but he hasn't responded yet.

My email letter is documented in another blog post I wrote:

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