Sunday, August 12, 2007

0 A Sumptious Feast for Seven

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Last night my sister & I cooked a sumptious feast for 7 family members(!) . We have 3 visiting relatives from out of town staying with us, and so there was a lot of food to prepare. We made so many dishes our heads started spinning. With the exception of the chicken, all of the dishes we served that evening were original creations of the Irwin sisters. My sister prepared the chicken and made a cauliflower pesto caper dish & a fingerling potato dish with sage, while I made a soy sesame string bean dish, salad with a lemon cilantro ginger dressing I made from scratch, fennel bean soup, and a "peach" cobbler (which was actually made with nectarines).

Since I'm really tired right now & it's very late, I'm not in the mood to post recipes right now. So please check back later & I'll do my best to include some of these recipes in my next post.

Goodnight! Sweet dreams (of healthy & delicious peach cobbler with light non-dairy whipped topping)!


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