Sunday, August 12, 2007

0 Recipe #13: Fennel Bean Soup & Some Procrastination!

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For dinner tonight, we had my fennel bean soup, some barbecued chicken, salad with my cilantro lemon ginger dressing, left-over string beans (marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, & sesame seeds), and some marinated zucchini & eggplant I made on the grill. For dessert, we had casaba melon & my masala tea. (The recipes for most of these items are listed here on my blog.)

Yes, I know I still have to post the fennel bean soup recipe that I mentioned in earlier posts. For some reason, I keep procrastinating about posting this recipe. I think too much time has passed since I made it for me to remember everything I did. Perhaps I shall have to cook it again to remember! Hahaha!

I'll just make a quick attempt to scribble down the ingredients here, and then will revise what I write later to make it into an official "recipe."

Fennel Bean Soup

Ingredients (that I can remember!):
fennel stalks & fronds only (Note: The bulb should be reserved for the Tomato Fennel Salad recipe.)
Cannellini beans (dried kind in a bag)
red potatoes, peeled & diced
Vidalia onion, roughly chopped
scallions? (Can't remember if I tossed these in or not; I'm thinking maybe not.)
garlic cloves, minced
fresh dill
fresh oregano
fresh thyme
fresh basil
bay leaves
fennel seeds
soy milk

That's all I can seem to remember right now. Too tired to write much more! I made a late brunch this afternoon, then went to the hospital this evening to visit a relative again, & afterward, grilled 2 gigantic bowls of veggies outside on our deck for what seemed like several hours! My sister cut up enough eggplants & zucchini to feed an army; it took forever to grill it all! I was even grilling AFTER our meal was over. Unbelievable, eh?! I would come in from grilling, take a bite of something, & then go right back out to the grill to make sure nothing was burning, & then repeat that procedure about 5 zillion times over the course of the dinner & well into our post-dinner clean-up time. I barely sat down for more than 5-10 solid minutes at a time. Now that's what you call a piece-meal meal! ;-) I'm so exhausted from all the cooking & moving around today. Time to pack it in & call it a night!

Have a good night!


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