Saturday, August 18, 2007

0 My New Creation: Licorice Spice Tea

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Yesterday I concocted another new tea spice mix, "Licorice Spice," which has hints of licorice, cinammon, orange peel, & other yummy flavors. Like my other original spice blend (i.e., my masala tea mix), the licorice spice mix is supposed to be added to a cup of piping hot tea.

As with my masala tea mix, I personally prefer to use decaf Green tea or decaf Jasmine tea. Unlike the masala tea mix, the licorice spice mix isn't really meant to be taken with milk, although you can certainly add sugar.

I'm excited to announce that both of these tea spice mixes (along with other products) will soon be available for sale at my new online store. Check out the related blog & website: Lady Bug Tea Company Blog & Lady Bug Tea Company Online Store for more information. (The website is currently under construction, but check back in about a week or so for further sales & product information.)

Also, see my sister's blog, Ladybug & Co.: Simplification of the Modern World & website, Ladybug & Co.: We Do the Crawling For You, for other great lifestyle products & services.

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