Thursday, August 23, 2007

1 My Cookbook: A Work in Progress......

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Today, I finished the introduction of my new cookbook. I had a really good time writing it, & the words flowed very easily onto the page.

I kept laughing all the while I was composing it, which is of course a good sign.

At times, it felt like I was doing stand-up at Caesar (Salad)'s Palace. Ba-dump! (OK, insert "groan" here. ;-) )

Yes, imagine culinary jokes like:

"What did the meatloaf say when it fell on top of the Keylime pie?


"What did the Chicken Paprikash say to the bowl of brussel spouts?

Ugh! Ack! Eek!

Seriously folks, even though in the above instance, I was trying to tell "gawd-awful" jokes on purpose, I know that, in any event, it wouldn't be a wise thing for me to even try to tell GOOD jokes, let alone attempt a career in stand-up comedy. Pure folly, I tell you!

I know I'd probably stink at it, as I'm not the "telling jokes" kind of funny, but rather have been told that I'm at my funniest when I tell stories & anecdotes. My fiancé likes to say that that "I'm funniest when I'm NOT trying to be funny," or that "I'm the 'natural' kind of funny that can't be taught." He tells me that he often laughs at the way I say something. Or maybe he's just laughing at me for other reasons. ;-)


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Rolando said...

I'd buy your cookbook just for the jokes! That salad looks killer. I think my stomach just growled.

Good luck on the success of your book!


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