Friday, August 10, 2007

0 Freak-a-zoid Pepper, Part II

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It's AAAA-LIIIVE! Doesn't it look like there are two green fingers trying to 
break out from the top of this pepper? Now THAT's appetizing, eh?! NOT. :-D 
Hey Ma, look, it's "Thing" from the Addams Family. ;) CREEPY!
We finally dared to eat the freak-a-zoid pepper described in one of my earlier posts. (See here for more details on that unusual veggie specimen.) I cut it up & used it for a veggie & dip dish last night.

The large main pepper tasted pretty much like an ordinary green pepper, but the mini pepper protrusion -- a.k.a. the "Alien Spawn/Swamp Thing/Creature-From-The-Deep"!!!! -- was another matter all together. (OK, this is turning into "name-that-disfigured-horror-movie-monster"!)

To give you an idea of what it tasted like, let me quote my incorrigible sister, Abby, who has an equally silly sense of humor: "It tasted like pickled monkey, with a side order of feet!" I don't know how she'd know that exactly, since her diet is mostly vegetarian, but it did taste rather bitter. "Blech-y!" to be precise!

If you'd like to hear more hilarious commentary from Abby-the-Incorrigible, you're welcome to visit her blog, Ladybug & Co. She gives fantastic product reviews & tips for simplifying life.

She also comments on my blogs from time to time, as I do on hers, so check back for more of her humorous commentary.

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