Monday, August 6, 2007

0 "I Feel Like Chicken Tonight, Chicken Tonight...."

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Tonight was my uncle's birthday; my sister baked a sherry pound cake in his honor. We ate leftovers from yesterday's dinner that my family really hadn't had an opportunity to fully enjoy the first time around, since I'd packed a container of it as a care package in preparation for yesterday's multiple hospital visits. (There are two family members currently in the hospital; I'd been at the hospital, but was sent home to make dinner & keep the house in order.)

Tonight's dinner consisted of my mother's chicken, with some left-over grilled potatoes, string beans, and eggplant that I'd made on the grill the previous night. The marinade for the grilled veggies was another top-of-my-head, spur-of-the-moment creation by yours truly, and consisted of some kosher salt & freshly cracked pepper, EVOO, lemon juice, dried rosemary leaves, & powdered marjoram. Simple but delicious.

The meal also consisted of a freshly made salad, a side of mini gherkins & kalamata olives, my mother's raspberry applesauce, and some other assorted dishes.

The leftovers were still very good the second time around. Of course, the veggies weren't as crisp, but they were still very flavorful.

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