Wednesday, August 29, 2007

0 The Easy & Painless Way to Get Your Daily Dose of Fiber (Without Cringing!)

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People, have no fear. I'm not going to instruct you to start taking those cringe-worthy fiber supplements like Beneful, FiberChoice, or Metamucil, or whatever-the-heck kind of fiber supplements are being recommended these days because people are apparently not seeking out naturally fiber-rich foods in their diet.

Well, I have an easy solution to this problem: Start cooking with oats, fruits (like apples), veggies, & other high-fiber foods.

Now, I don't want to send you running to the bathroom. (I'm sure that any of you Canyon Ranchers or other spa-dwellers out there will instantly relate to what I'm talking about here. Only someone who's been through that much fiber in such a short period of time can truly understand what it's like to experience this sick form of torture. So, the obvious lesson to tuck away for future reference is this: If you're not already eating fiber-rich foods, PLEASE start by SLOWLY incorporate these foods into your diet.

So, to help you along towards the path of eating more fiber-rich foods in your diet, I'd like to share some of the recipes I make to accomplish this goal in my own life. These recipes will be listed in the next several posts.


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