Saturday, July 28, 2007

0 An Indian Feast

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Tonight I'm going to making an Indian meal for my family (my mother, father, & sister) and my fiancé, Erik. My mother & sister don't normally cook Indian food for their families, so it'll be something different for them to experience. My sister and mother have told me that they are excited to try the recipes that I've been raving about, and with a little help & encouragement, would like to reproduce the meal for themselves. Tonight's menu will be Route 79 Masala Salmon, along with 3 vegetable dishes -- corn curry (made with farm-fresh "butter & sugar" corn!), a refreshing summer dish of marinated fennel & tomatos, & a Chinese-inspired spinach dish with garlic, sesame, & soy sauce.

For dessert, I'll be serving a mix of fresh red & black raspberries, gooseberries, & blueberries, and masala tea.

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